The classic franchise takes on a whole new look in Turok: Escape From Lost Valley.

We at myPotatoGames don’t usually cover games that have a heavy focus on violence. Light combat is okay on occasion (we make exceptions for games like Stardew Valley and My Time at Portia), but we tend to stay away from first-person shooters and the like. However, the new graphic style in Escape From Lost Valley is just too adorable not too mention. This new title fully shifts the series into an entirely new genre. It is as though the creators of Turok met the creators of “Road Not Taken” (a cute title from the makers of Minekos Night Market), and decided to make a game together.


Trading in the old style of fast paced FPS with unique weaponry, this Turok is now a third-person action/adventure game. They have turned away from the ultra graphic violence style and dawned a more charming visage. In Turok: Escape From Lost Valley, you awake as the original protagonist that the game is named after. You must explore the lands and fight dinosaurs along side your trusted companion, Andar. The ultimate goal being finding your way back home. Although the game has been cute-ified quite a bit, you can still expect plenty of dinosaur fighting combat reminiscent of old.

Escape From Lost Valley Trailer

Turok: Escape From Lost Valley was developed by Pillow Pig Games (who you can follow on Twitter by clicking here), and will be released on Steam on July 25th.

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  • James
    Posted Jul 18, 2019 at 7:00 am 0Likes

    I’m really impressed that they took such a huge shift in direction for the series. Yes, it’s likely they chose to theme another game for Turok to boost sales, but to be willing to do that shows a lot of gumption.

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