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  • svgAug 9, 2019News

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    We here at myPotatoGames have been keeping a close eye on Pile Up since early development. We immediately fell in love with the colorful and cardboad-style environments which included boxy animal characters such as frogs and hedgehogs. Now we’re one step closer to being able to play this adorable 3D cooperative platformer with their new Steam page here! Let’s all help these indie developers out, Seed by Seed, by Wishlisting their game today and checking out their new trailer below. You can also get caught up with us here if you missed Pile Up’s previous update.

    Pile Up! Official First Trailer

    About Pile Up!

    Pile Up is a 1-to-4 player co-op 3D platformer for friends and families!
    Jump joyfully, play together and use items you find along the way to build the wackiest piles! Coordination and creativity are required to progress through the joyful levels of the cardboard world and encounter the most friendly creatures! Experiment everything you’re in the mood for in the welcoming handcrafted world of Pile Up!

    Key Features

    • A very simple yet deep mechanic: piling on each other!
    • An adventure you can play from 1 to 4 players!
    • drop in/drop out feature allowing players to join and leave at any time!
    • Crazy cardboard worlds to explore!
    • Mini-games for endless cooperative fun with your friends!
    • Cute box-animals to meet and help throughout your journey!
    • Multiple box-items to try out, easy to learn but hard to master!
    • Even more toys to unlock and have fun with!
    • Skins to customize your Boxlings!
    • An art direction entirely revolving around cardboard, from textures to sound design!
    • A strong focus on accessibility and usability!
    A soccer mini-game

    There’s no specific release date as of now but you can follow Pile Up’s progress with their YouTube devlogs here. You can also go to their official website to sign-up for their Newsletter or follow their links to their social media.

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  • svgJul 12, 2019Mobile Game

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    Melbits World Pocket, created by indie developer Melbot Studios, is a mobile game inspired by Tamagotchi and Lemmings. As your adorable and colorful Melbits walk around in a 3D platform world, you must help them navigate by solving puzzles before time runs out. The testing is now closed but the full version will be releasing within the next few months. There’s also a PlayStation 4 PlayLink version out now!

    We had previously mentioned an upcoming Melbits POD in the works in our mobile game review here. Now we have some more information and how that POD works! There will also be a Kickstarter campaign coming soon so follow them on their website here to be the first to know when a date is set.

    Prototype premiered at DreamHack

    Melbot Studios is all about creative thinking, invention, and imagination. Now, with a completely new project, they’re integrating videogames and technology with a traditional wholesome toy; the Melbits POD. This toy has multiple sensors that react to light, temperature, and movement. You have to get creative to hatch and nurture your own little Melbits. The prototype POD is still in early development but the developers hope to have it ready by Christmas this year with several different designs and colors to choose from.

    How the Melbits POD Works

    Thanks to smart bluetooth technology, your mobile device can interact with the cute toy egg. It combines on-screen interaction with your virtual Melbits and physical toy egg that you use with your surroundings. When you place the POD on a smartphone or tablet, your Melbits will start to incubate and emerge with different sizes and personalities. This all depends on which types of Melbits you would like to create. For example, there are Melbits that like heat, so you will have to put the POD in the sun. Other Melbits like to play, so you will have to physically move the POD around.

    We’ll keep you posted on this very interesting venture so stay tuned! For another mobile game that focuses on and using AR, check out our article on TokoToko here!

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