TokoToko is an augmented reality video game coming on iOS devices in the Fall of 2019. The game is being developed by Kalank, an indie studio based in France. Interact with your drawings along with drawing recognition technology, see the TokoTokos with your mobile phone, and embark on an incredible journey!

TokoToko named Hako

The TokoTokos have all been lost in our world and it is up to you to find them across vast oceans and save them. Guide these friends back to their world with the help of Hako and your drawings. Specifically, the TokoToko’s will bring your drawings to life with their strange magic. Furthermore, you get to customize and decorate your own island with your handy pencil! To illustrate, Hako has been kind enough to draw us some sketches below to help you visualize the story.

Also, here’s a couple examples of what using AR will look like in TokoToko. See below for what the developers have posted on their Twitter page. Have fun becoming artists and giving the TokoTokos inspiration!

In case you didn’t already know, Augmented Reality is a fully immersive art experience. Moreover, it is superimposed computer-generated images on top of your real-world environments. You get to blend fiction and reality with this emerging new way to play video games.

With the success of Pokemon Go, it seems that more AR options are becoming popular. Speaking of which, it has been announced that a new Pokemon mobile game is in the works. Check out the details with us here. You can also check out our latest announcement of another Pokemon game, Pokemon Rumble Rush on mobile devices available in Australia now. For more information on TokoToko, go to their official website here.

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