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Scrap Story – Paper Mario Inspired RPG

svgMay 26, 2019NewsJoelle

Scrap Story by @ScrapPaperDev is an adventure game where you have “to find all the fruit and become very happy!” The game has an early demo out now on with more updates on the way! An Xbox controller is highly recommended by the developer but the game will work with keyboard controls. Here is a link to the demo on PC which focuses on platforming and exploration. The creator hopes to be able to release the full version of the game sometime in 2021.

Current Developments

The next demo will feature all or most game mechanics including battles, leveling up, item collecting, more in-depth NPC interactions, more puzzles, a short spin-off story, polished platforming, and mini-games! The playthrough will be about the same length as one of the chapters from the main game and will be available this June.


In addition to the new battle system, partners can now join the team! Not only will they assist you in battle with their special skills but they will also keep you company on your journey. Sometimes you might need to use a Partner’s ability to solve certain puzzles. Also, Partners will stay with you for the entire game and often play a role in the story. When you are in the field, you can even talk to them and they will give you their thoughts on the current situation. If they are from the area, they will give you detailed information about the environment and the locals. The actual Partner characters are still a secret for now so only temporary “stand-ins” will be in the demo.


If you are friendly to the villagers, give them gifts, or help out with some task, they may give you their “Guest Card”. You can equip a Guest Card and that character will come to assist you in battle. Each Guest has their own unique ability and stats to help you out in battle. However, the villagers have a lot of personality. Meaning, some villagers might be a bit lazy and not show up to battle until a few turns in, or they could even be sleeping and not show up at all. Some may even demand money each time they show up to battle.


In other words, get to know the villagers well and find Guests that will work best for your battle strategies. Sometimes you will get a Guest Card simply from story events or Critters may drop them upon defeat. It is important to note that Guests only appear in battle, and will not follow you when traveling in the field. They have lives running a shop or a farm!

Combat and Stats

HP– Health Points, if you have ever played an RPG, this is pretty standard. When it drops to 0, the game is over.

RP – Rainbow Points. This is similar to what a lot of RPGs call Mana or Magic Points. By spending RP, you can use stronger abilities.

GP – Guard Points, At some point in the game you acquire the ability to guard. There are three major ways to Guard.

Quick Guard – By performing a timed button press (CTC) you can perform a quick guard and reduce the amount of damage you take from enemy attacks. This does not deplete GP.

Full Guard – A full guard will allow you to defend without fail for an entire turn and nullify all enemy damage, at the cost of GP. If GP drops to zero, you will no longer be able to guard for the remainder of battle, as well as taking a penalty (depending on the Guard abilities you have equipped). For example, most guard abilities will stun you for a turn if GP drops to 0. So use Full Guard wisely.

Passive Guard – Allows you to deploy a defensive mechanism in front of you and your partner, and will act as a full guard until you undeploy it or it breaks. This allows you to still make offensive options while keeping your guard up.

Other features to the battle system are: Abilities, Chance Time, Formation, Interactables and Obstacles, which you can read all about in detail with the creator’s May Devlog here. There is also an explanation on a Day/Night Cycle as well as weather conditions.

Interested in this particular art style? So are we! Read our article on Here Comes Niko for more of that much-needed dose of Paper Mario nostalgia and adorable/memorable characters.


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