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  • svgMay 24, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Go on an Adventure Through the Islands of Mara

    Koa and The Five Pirates of Mara is a 3D platformer created with the combined efforts of the following three indie game studios: Talpa, Undercoders, and Chibig. In this mash-up, you’ll get to play as Koa and her best friend Napopo from Summer in Mara (extra chibi-fied), with levels that are reminiscent of adventure game Mail Mole.

    Unlock an archipelago one after the other and dodge traps, fight pirates, solve puzzles, and find collectibles! All islands throughout the world of Mara have a variety of biomes like “sandy beaches and bubbling volcanoes”.

    Releasing Soon in 2022

    The game will be releasing this year (2022) on PC and consoles. You can Wishlist Koa and The Five Pirates of Mara now on Steam here. For another game that’s part of the Chibig Universe, go here: Ankora: Lost Days – New Switch Game From The Makers Of Summer in Mara. Stay tuned for more titles coming soon too!

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  • svgSep 24, 2020Indie Highlight

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    Frogsong is a wholesome upcoming adventure game featuring frogs and bugs. Indie game developer Brandon Braun is both devloping and publishing the game. The planned release date for the game is Autumn 2022. The game is currently being developed for PC.

    About Frogsong

    In Frogsong, you play as Chorus, a small frog with big dreams of protecting the world. However, Chorus is a tree frog, and is expected to devote his life to religious studies. Another barrier to Chorus achieving his goals is his small smize; no one will take him seriously!

    But Chorus is dead serious and decides to move to a village named Boreala. There, he begins to train as a member of the Defense Guild with the help of a wise old veteran. Chorus soon realises that things are going to be trickier than anticipated. A powerful army and mysterious rumour are both on the rise. Can Chorus learn how to protect his loved ones before it’s too late?


    • Forge friendships and fight foes in this unique hand-drawn 2D adventure game.
    • Converse with the cute and kooky characters that you encounter in the world of Salia.
    • Explore five unique areas, each containing their own monsters, villages, and bosses.
    • Assist your friends in their day to day lives.
    • Pay a visit to the blacksmith’s shop to improve your attacks on enemies.
    • Engage with a heartfelt narrative covering themes of hope, friends and family, and the true meaning of being important.
    • Aim to make the world around you even just a bit better.



    Chorus is a young frog with a strong desire to protect the people around them. The other warriors of the village make fun of Chorus for their small size, but this just makes Chorus more determined to prove they matter too.

    Elder Bufo

    Elder Bufo is the kindhearted leader of Boreala and a veteran member of the Defense Guild. Unable to fight now due to his old age and amputation, he provides advice to the warriors of his village.  

    Lord Lithos

    Lord Lithos is the tyrannical ruler of the Taural Empire. Suffering from an unknown illness, he seeks to cure death and expand his empire at any cost – if he can’t live forever, the next best thing is a legacy.


    Basalt is the captain of the Defense Guild, a spot well earned. She’s a skilled warrior and has been fighting monsters for years. It’s going to take something really impressive for her to take Chorus seriously.


    Espo is a strange treasure hunter Chorus meets on their travels. He’s traveling the land of Salia, discovering all sorts of strange artifacts from a forgotten time.

    More About Frogsong

    A crowdfunding campaign for Frogsong went live on Indiegogo on May 18th, 2020. Whilst the release of the game is still quite a way off, the developers of Frogsong are fortunately giving regular updates about the progress of the game. You can follow the game’s progress on Twitter, Indiegogo, and on Steam. An alpha demo of Frogsong is also playable on Steam.

    For similarly adorable upcoming games to look out for, check out Garden Story, Lonesome Village, and Little Witch In The Woods.

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  • svgSep 18, 2020Indie Highlight

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    Hokko Life is described as a ‘cosy, creativity filled community sim game’. The game is being developed by Robert Tatnell who runs his own indie game dev company, Wonderscope. Initially, Wonderscope intended to both develop and publish Hokko Life. However, this is an understandably big feat for one person. Therefore in April 2020, Wonderscope revealed that they would ‘team’ up (sorry not sorry) with Team 17, who will now publish Hokko Life. Team 17 are notorious for publishing highly regarded games such as My Time at Portia, Overcooked, and Yooka-Laylee. Initially, Hokko Life was expected to release on Steam later in 2020; The impact of COVID-19, however, could (like many games), delay this. The release date for the game on Steam is currently TBA. The price of the game is also not yet known.

    Hokko Life begins with you stepping off of a train. Now the proud owner of a kinda dusty old workshop, you are free to craft and create to your heart’s content. The quiet village you’ve moved to, needs your help to create an endearing town for its residents. Armed with plenty of paint and tools, design, build and decorate new homes for your neighbours.

    Players can craft materials and combine them as they wish. Combining them creates amazing new furniture and items for the town. By collecting flowers and mixing paints, you can then design wallpapers, flooring and even clothing. With an abundance of choice, you can design items from fetching floral wallpaper to interesting urban-industrial furniture. Whatever your taste, with a workshop at hand, you have complete freedom whilst designing the town.

    July Hokko Life Update – Gone Fishin’ 🐠

    The first game element to be discussed in the July Hokko Life update is fishing. It’s already been announced that fishing will be a feature for players to look forward to. For example, the game’s Steam page informs us that the fish have unique habits. The advice therefore given is to switch up your approach, and to anticipate each catch presenting unique challenges when reeled in.

    The game’s fishing feature, however, has since been switched up. And we’re ‘searious’ when we say it’s possibly one of the best updates yet. We’re not even ‘squidding’!

    It’s ‘Ofishal’, In Hokko Life You Get An ‘Oppor-tuna-ty’ To Fish. But There’s A Catch: Actually Catching Fish… 🐟🎮

    The majority of Wonderscope’s work this month has been dedicated to working on and improving the fishing gameplay. Robert from Wonderscope has kindly decided to walk people through how fishing works in Hokko Life to show how far the game has come!

    After re-starting the inventory, Robert was able to add bait to the game! Players can attach the bait to an equipped fishing rod. Having bait on your fishing rod will alter your chances of reeling in certain fish. Players can craft bait using different resources found in the game: but only once you’ve unlocked the crafting recipes.

    If you right click on a certain type of bait in your backpack, you will then be prompted by a message. The message will give you the option of attaching the bait to your fishing rod:

    Cast your line so that your bait and hook are in the water. It’s then just a matter of waiting for a fish to spot them. Resist the urge to try to reel in the fish as soon as it nibbles. The fish could take quite a few nibbles at the bait before being hooked, so patience is key. You’ll know when the fish has taken the last bite as the action UI will pop up. When this occurs, you have a short amount of time to press ‘Interact’ to hook the fish before it gets away.

    Come On Guys You’re Just ‘Krilling’ It Now! 💀💫

    But because nothing in life is easy right? Wanting to make Hokko Life that bit more challenging, Wonderscope have added another step which players must complete before that fishy is theirs. That next step, or challenge is the fishing mini game. The aim of the game is to keep the fish in the ring until it reaches the goal line. Naturally, the fish have minds of their own and the pests will try and swim away. This means you’ll need to position your rod left and right, and press ‘interact’ to reel a fish back into the ring.

    If the fiendish fish remains outside of the ring for too long, it’ll get away and you’ll fail the mini game… 😒

    On the other hand, there’s a chance that a chest could emerge in the mini game. If you manage to guide the frustrating fishy through this chest, it’ll pop open! And voila! You’ll get your fish and a random reward!

    Robert said that he recently tried out a “diorama” look for the fishing mini game. He decided upon building a little scene to make the mini game look more appealing and generally aesthetic. The dev confessed to the mini game originally resembling a boring rectangle and likes the cuter direction he has taken with the fishing aspect. Robert also excitedly added that depending on the location you fish in, the diorama will change in accordance with it!

    Oh For Cod’s Hake! I’m Not Shore I Wanna Buy The Game Now! I’m Gonna Have To Mullet Over! 😂🎣

    Fishing challenges were also added to the game more recently. These challenges will unlock for players after they’ve been fishing for a while. Furthermore, Hokko Life will offer a weekly challenge where players can get bonus rewards.

    These challenges are generated once an (in-game) week and necessitate players to catch a specified amount of fish within a certain time. These can either be specific fish, or any type of fish. The time limit varies and is based on the rarity of the fish, as well as if there are any nearby. But don’t worry, if you fail you can always go back and retry! Also, things can occur behind the scenes too, making sure that you have a chance of winning the challenge. I smell something fishy there. 🤔

    Robert wanted more variation in the challenges, but explained that setting them up and getting them to work took considerably longer than expected, so he decided to settle with just one type for now. On the plus side, he excitingly added that the system is now there for challenge types to be added in the future.

    Whilst the fishing update was the most prominent part of July’s Hokko Life devlog, other updates were also covered. These include:

    Brief Updates On Avatars (Because Apparently They Looked Ugly). RUDE. ☹️😂

    • Spending more time working on the animation system
    • Improving how equipping and un-equipping tools works behind the scenes, among other things.
    • Attempting to make changes so that the system is less buggy
    • Simultaneously aiming to improve the game’s overall appearance whilst de-bugging
    • Changing simple things like adding an acceleration to the player to make the transition from standing to running look nicer.
    • Adding equip animation variations to fit the different ways the player can hold an item.
    • Working on some of the avatars animations. Mostly focusing on improving their weighting and timing.
    This character thinks that the deletion of avatars is quite rude!

    Finally, Hokko Life Devlog #3 contained some brief updates on improvements to other avatar assets and features. These include face and head shapes, tweaks to hair styles, and deleting ‘ugly’ old clothing items and old avatar assets. Robert said deleting the old ugly stuff felt good, so we’ll take his word for it. But seriously though, please give the basic avatar assets some clothes and features before showing them to us. Especially when they seem to be crazily wielding weapons of some kind… #NightmareFuel 😱😂

    This character definitely thinks that the deletion of avatars is quite rude!

    Make sure to stay tuned for our coverage of Hokko Life Devlog #4! The game is really shaping up, with some new features and updates you won’t want to miss! 😊

    Click here to check out an exclusive interview with the game’s solo developer.

    For more info on the game be sure to take a peek at this article

    You can also visit the game’s website here.

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  • svgJul 18, 2020Feature

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    There are so many wholesome games coming out this year! Let’s take a look at some of them together!

    Garden Story

    Garden Story is an upcoming social sim adventure RPG. With an emphasis on helping the residents of a broken island, this game is undoubtedly wholesome. The game is being developed by Picogram and published by Rose City Games and VIZ Media.

    The planned release window for the game is currently Spring 2020, although no official date has been given. The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Macintosh operating systems. An official price is yet to be announced.


    Players assume the role of Concord, who is a recently appointed village guardian. However, you will definitely be kept on your toes. Whether it be neighbours requiring assistance, or the sudden appearance of a strange rot that has seeped into the foundations of the once thriving island, Concord has his work cut out. Fortunately, he is not alone.

    If you help friends with their problems, they’ll help you with yours. Care for the environment, explore new regions, solve puzzles, make new friends, and ultimately, help restore the grove to its former glory.


    • Whilst restoring a run down island, players are also able to explore and cultivate the islands four regions as ‘Concord the Grape’.
    • By fulfilling residents’ requests, fostering relationships with others, and making friends with fruity people, you may find that these people will help you out in return.
    • Take care of garden plots, gather resources, and ensure to upgrade your tools to allow you to take good care of your home.
    • Whilst solving puzzles and defending yourself against the insidious rot, you may slowly unral the mystery behind the island’s broken past
    • By depositing and cataloguing resources you can create a library featuring the island’s lore.
    • At your own pace, you are able to care for garden plots each day, choose to take a walk in the evening, or can concentrate on completing favors. The ball is in your park!
    • Experience new things and fill your scrapbook with usable perks and traits.

    You can visit the game’s website here. Alternatively, you can check out their Twitter account here.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons ( Out now on Nintendo Switch )

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an upcoming social simulation game where you play as a human character living on a deserted island amongst anthropomorphic animals. Players can shop, socialise with the animals, and participate in activites such as fishing, catching bugs, gardening and decorating. Nintendo are both the developers and publishers of the game. Therefore it’s understandable that the game will only be released on Nintendo Switch. The game is set to release on March 20th 2020, and will retail for $59.99


    Tom Nook is ‘switching’ things up with a new business venture. This business venture is his exclusive Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package. Naturally, the Tanuki isn’t offering this for free. When you have landed on the island, you also find yourself landed with debt (yet again) by the tiresome tanuki.

    Like in previous games of the franchise, players can participate in activities such as gardening, fishing, decorating, and interacting with a variety of NPCs (both old and new), etc. However, the game will also offer some new features. Examples include, collecting resources, crafting furniture and tools, new ways to interact with trees and flowers, more diversity in skin tones, outdoor stair, more multiplayer options, the handy ability to pole vault rivers etc.

    Then of course there’s the tiny details that Animal Crossing fans quickly picked up on. These include, shirts with sleeves for villagers, overally realistic kneecaps for players’ characters, toe beans, and even shoelaces..


    • Embrace your fresh start by customising your character and home to your liking. Decorate the island’s landscape (even with furniture, if you so wish), to create your very own perfect paradise.
    • Utilise a brand new crafting system and collect materials to create a variety of furniture and tools.
    • Relax and enjoy the activities Animal Crossing is infamous for such as gardening, fishing, decorating and interacting with charming NPCs and more. However, they can now be enjoyed in fun new ways on the deserted island
    • Up to eight players can reside on one island. Four of these residents residing on the same island are able to play together simultaneously on one console
    • Up to eight players can play together on one player’s island via either online multiplayer or local wireless. (For more information regarding how multiplayer works, click here).
    • More information about the game can be found here.
    • An awesome selection Animal Crossing decals can be seen here.
    • For a selection of must-have merchandise, click here.
    • Information about US pre-order bonuses can be found here.
    • Information about UK pre-order bonuses can be found here.

    Mineko’s Night Market

    Mineko’s Night Market is an upcoming cat-themed crafting adventure game that celebrates Japanese culture. The game is essentially about friendship, choices, and of course, cats. The indie game is being developed by Meowza Games, and being published by Humble Bundle. The game will be released on a multitude of different platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Macintosh operating systems.The exact release date for the game is yet to be determined. However, the game’s official Steam page says that the game will be release in 2020. Fingers (and paws) crossed! ?


    Playing as Mineko, a girl who has moved to a superstitious fishing town inundated with cats, you will uncover secrets whilst assisting Mineko in becoming a successful young entrepreneur. This can be done by completing tasks, undertaking quests and gathering resources in preparation for the weekly night market.

    Players can craft a variety of odd items, toys, and trinkets, which can then be sold to townsfolk (who are now your customers) at Mineko’s night market stall. After you’ve finished selling your items, you can explore the Night Market yourself, where you can play mini-games, eat unusual foods, and purchase collectibles.

    The game allows you to explore distant lands by unlocking different types of transport (which include buses, bullet trains and cat carts). Each land offers new people to meet and unique things to do, dependent on the time of day and season.

    There are 16 uniquely themed markets every year which all feature a stage event that you can partake in. Examples of events include Taiko drumming, karaoke competitions, sumo suit wrestling, and more!

    The better you perform at the market, the bigger and better the market will become, which may well attract new townsfolk and even celebrity guests! 


    • Players can explore the village and surrounding areas in order to discover a variety of rare resources and more importantly, make a bunch of new friends!
    • You are able to craft a variety of unusual items by utilising the resources you collect whilst exploring
    • Unleash you inner entrepeneur and barter with customers at the weekly night market to sell your creations
    • Wander around the night Market to discover a variety of curious culinary dlights and collectibles
    • Relive your childhood and take part in a variety of different Night Market games like cat racing, pachinko, and whack-a-tako
    • Solve the mysteries of the mysterious Sun-Cat Abe and Mount Fugu Island

    For more information regarding the game, check out this interview with one of the lead creators of the game here. You can also visit the game’s website here.

    To bag some awesome game merchandise, click here.

    Ooblets ( Out Now on Early Access )

    Ooblets is now out on Xbox One and PC – more info right here.

    Ooblets is an upcoming indie game that combines features of popular game franchises such as Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Pokemon. Initially, the game was going to be published by Double Fine. Ooblets will now however be developed and self-published by the game’s two main devs, who created a tiny game studio called Glumberland in order to do this.

    According to the game’s latest Devlog, Ooblets will release this year, although no definitive date has been specified. It has also been confirmed that the game will release on PC and Xbox One. The price of the game has not yet been revealed.


    Ooblets is essentially a game where players have to balance farm life, town life, and the unexpected pressure of having to deal with numerous different Ooblets. On the plus side, you get the experience of helping to grow and train your ooblets, explore strange lands, and have dance-offs!


    • Starting a new life with a little rundown farm, you are able to improve, cultivate and customise this farm until it suits your liking
    • With a variety of hairstyles and clothing to choose from, you have complete freedom to customise your character
    • Break out your dance moves and take part in dance battles with both ooblets and fellow ooblet trainers alike
    • Explore the world of Oob and its variety of different locations, each with unique biomes, plants, characters, and ooblets
    • Plant ooblet seeds to grow your own friends. Eventually, they will bloom into baby ooblets
    • Join an Ooblet Club to match your personality
    • Upgrade your house and make it your own, with various decor and furniture to choose from
    • Unlock some funky new dance moves by levelling up your Ooblets
    • Acquire a variety of things whilst in Oob, including seeds, items, furniture, machinery, badges, and most importantly, friends.

    Lots of awesome Ooblets merchandise can be grabbed here.

    For more information about Ooblets, you can visit the Ooblets website here where developers regularly post updates in their devlogs. You can also follow Ooblets on Twitter and Facebook.

    Rolling Hills

    Rolling Hills is a life sim game where players run their own sushi restaurant in a town filled with anthropomorphic animals. The game is being both developed and published by Catch & Release, LLC. No definitive release date has been given, but developers are pushing for a 2020 release. It willl initially only be released on PC via Steam, but there is the possibility of the game being released on other consoles also.


    Rolling Hills is a life sim game where you get given your very own sushi restauraunt in a small village. This restaurant has been offered for free by inhabitants of the village. The only catch is that you help to rebuild their town. Players will have their work cut out. When not occupied with the sushi shop, you also need to rebuild the town as promised and improve the lives of your neighbours. On the plus side, you’ll make friends along the way. If you’re lucky, you’ll also attract some new villagers.

    Make your restaurant successful by collecting different recipes and buying ingredients. You can then use your profits to profit the town. Watch your town improve and better the lives of townsfolk, customers and yourself through the actions you make.


    • Assume the role of a novice sushi chef and start a brand new life in your very own sushi restaurant (which fortunately happens to be equipped with a fully-automated conveyor belt)
    • Make new friends and socialise, whether you want to hang out at the cafe, participate in a role-playing game, or show off your knowledge (or not) at trivia night
    • Improve your restaurant by acquiring furniture and uphold your end of the bargain by building public works projects across town
    • Train and utilise your very own sushi robot to help keep your restaurant running… Your loyal lackey will even cover for you after switching the game off!
    • Head down to the river and go fishing for fresh sushi fish. Also, you can be a model citizen and use the magnetic rod to reel in trash.
    • Grow yourself some fresh vegetables by building garden boxes

    You can follow the progress of Rolling hills on Twitter here.

    Hokko Life

    Hokko Life is an upcoming cute and cozy village life simulation game. The game is being both developed and published by indie game developer Robert Tatnell. Hokko life will be released for PC via Steam at some point this year. The cost of the game is not yet known.


    Hokko Life begins with your player stepping off of a train. Having taken over your very own (albeit a little dusty and old) workshop, you are free to craft and create to your heart’s content.

    The quiet village which you now call home needs your expertise. Help tocreate an endearing town for those who live there. Armed with paint and tools, design, build and decorate new homes for your new friends.

    Players are able to craft materials and combine them however they wish. This allows you to create new and amazing furniture and items for the town. By collecting flowers and mixing paints, you can then use them to design wallpapers, flooring and even clothing.

    With plenty of choice, you could design a bright flowery wallpaper set, or instead opt to create an urban-industrial furniture collection. Whatever your taste, with a workshop at hand, you have complete freedom when designing a town for the villagers.


    • Chop, mine and dig for resources by venturing out to the forest or the abandoned mine. After bringing those resources back to town, you can craft them into materials that are usable in your designs.
    • Gather materials, head into your workshop and put your own spin on each item you make. The design table lets you build your own furniture. Here you can combine various shapes and materials using a simple yet powerful editor.
    • Design a variety of wallpaper, flooring and T-Shirts for you and the villagers to wear. Feel like a famous fashion designer and get everyone in town wearing your bespoke designs.
    • Enlist the help of the local builder in order to begin expanding the town. You get complete freedom over where buildings are located and then need to ensure they are ready for new villagers to move to town.
    • Customize both the interiors and exteriors of any home. Release your inner interior designer and pick designs and place furniture to create a home your new friends will adore.
    • Turn any plot of land into a place where plants and vegetables will grow. When your produce is ready, you’ll be able to sell it.
    • Enjoy quiet moments at the various fishing spots located in Hokko and expand your fishing collection. The fish have unique habits, and so players will need to vary their approaches. Similarly, each catch provides it’s own challenge when you reel them in.
    • Hokko is home to a wide variety of different insects. These insects can be caught and added to your collection. Be sure to keep a eye out, as some may be hiding in a bush.

    Click here to check out an exclusive interview with the game’s solo developer.

    You can visit the game’s website here.


    Developed by Peachy Keen Games and published by Whitethorn DigitalCalico is a magical, relaxed and family-friendly simulation game where players are given an opportunity to run their very own cat cafe. The game is expected to be released on Steam at some point during Summer 2020. The game will most likely release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and MacOS shortly afterwards.


    Calico came about due to the game developer’s obsession with cats, magical girls and fluffy animals. However, wanting to create a game that would appeal to everyone, she also included creatures such as lizards, birds, deer, raccoons, dogs, turtles, red pandas, foxes, etc.

    She then shares about how she wanted to publish a game that would make players feel ‘soft, happy, cuddly and cozy’. If that wasn’t wholesome enough, she has said in an interview that she just wanted to create a game where the only goal is to have the best time possble.

    However, simply running the cat cafe is not the only things that players can do. The game also incorporates enjoyable aspects from other popular gaming franchises such as Animal Crossing. Similarities between Calico and Animal Crossing include the simulation aspects of both games, and the ability to place furnitire and decorations in your buildings. A perk about Calico however, is that the animals will not leave, the shop never closes, and crops never die.


    • As all animals are interactive, players can explore the village to find cats and other animals, including raccoons, deer, dogs, turtles, red pandas, foxes, lizards, etc. The animals can be befriended, petted and played with
    • Players can ride on giant cats ( as you do? )
    • Run your café by filling it with animals, furniture and yummy café eats!
    • Use magic potions to change your animals and environment
    • Meet magical girls, witches and other townspeople who you can help and befriend

    Little Witch in The Woods

    Little Witch in The Woods is an upcoming life simulation RPG. The game is currently in development by Sunny Side Up Games. No official release date has been given, but the developers are aiming for fall of 2020. They plan to release the game on Steam, and are hoping to release the game on Nintendo Switch and PS4.


    Little Witch in the Woods is an adorable fantasy RPG. You play as a super cute witch named Ellie. Close to graduating from witch school and becoming true witch, Ellie must experience the life of a witch as an apprentice. This involves moving to a new town and living in a witch’s house in a forest. Upon arriving to the town however, she is inevitably disappointed to find the in a state of disrepair, and a town which is virtually empty.

    As the school is grading how well Ellie completes various tasks, she must explore the mysterious and magical region to gather the ingredients necessary for her potions. These potions can be used in other ways in the game too. Many of the ingredients can be acquired from obliging plants and creatures. The more rare ingredients can be obtained in the nearby village, where a curious bunch of NPC’s reside. By helping them out, they will reward you with ingredients, and some useful items as well.

    Additionally, lending these characters a hand improves your relationship with them, and allows you to upgrade the small village. The game’s NPC’s, each with their own stories can sometimes move in or out of the village. It is possible to date these NPC’s, but they may not be human..


    • Experience life as a witch apprentice in a mysterious fantasy world
    • Explore the game’s mysterious and magical village and region
    • Connect with a variety of plants and animals in a unique ecosystem
    • Gather the the ingredients required for potion-making from obliging plants and animals. Rarer ingredients can be obtained as rewards for helping out NPC’s
    • Create a variety of different potions such as the: Healing Potion, Clean Potion, Tickling Potion, Twinkle Potion, Sneezing Potion and Hush Potion
    • Meet the handful of residents in the the small village, each with their own story.
    • Upgrade the village into a larger one by lending a helping hand to its inhabitants
    • Woo NPC’s enough, and you may find yourself a lifelong partner (although it may not be a human)

    Check out an interview with the game’s developers here. You can follow the developers on Twitter here.

    For more witch-y games, check out these ones.

    You can also check out these upcoming magic school games and add them to your calendar.

    Alchemic Cutie

    Alchemic Cutie is a wholesome pixel-art-stylised RPG set on a colourful Island named Wimba, where you players can tame wild jellies. The game is in development by Vakio and Viridian Software, and will be published by CIRCLE Entertainment this summer. Alchemic Cutie will be released on itch.io. and Steam. A price has not yet been announced.


    Set on Wimba island, players get to tame slime-like creatures called Jellies. There are over 4,000 visual styles for jellies, each with unique traits and statistics. Players will have to meet the needs of their Jellies, which inlcude hunger, energy and happiness. Raise the perfect jelly companions and you may be in with a chance of claiming the top prize in one of the game’s eight competitions. In order to improve your jelly’s abilities, you can use alchemy in order to create special items with various powerful affects or to change items into something more rare and powerful. When you’re all jellied out, you can explore the island and uncover its secrets. In the village you can chat with its inhabitants and choose whether to form friends, or if you’re so inclined, rivals.


    • Explore Wimba island and discover various jellies, items and quests
    • Wander around a village and befriend the quirky, entertaining, and complicated characters that live there
    • Utilise the Jelly raising and alchemy systems available for players to master
    • Participate in a total of 8 fun jelly competitions where you can show off your Jelly raising skills and win medals
    • Utilise the game’s modding feature and add your own villagers, quests, items, maps and more to grow Wimba Island. You can even build an island your own
    • Release day modding support
    • Share Jellies with others using special codes

    If you would like to receive updates regarding the gaem, or share your modding creations after the game’s release, you can do so by signing up to the game’s ‘Cutie Club’ here.

    Peaceful Days

    Peaceful Days is a farming RPG simulation game reminiscent of Harvest Moon games. The indie game is being developed by Nhat Nguyen and published by Nhat Nguyen and Huiyin Studio. According to the game’s Steam page, Peaceful days is set to release for Microsoft Windows on August 31st 2020. It is currently priced at £7.19.


    Heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon series, Peaceful Days is a farming simulation set in the attractive Aurora Town, which is located by the sea. Living up to its title, the game appears to be peaceful and wholesome. Players have the freedom of character customisation and farm customisation too! Players can build friendships with the town’s inhabitants, become an important addition to the small seaside town, and participate in a variety of interesting festivals. Additionally you are able to build your very own farm from scratch. In your spare time, you are free to discover fish that you have not yet caught, spend time in the mine to discover ores necessary to upgrade your tools, play minigames, solve puzzles plus more.

    As of February 3rd, an early access version of Peaceful Days became available on Steam.


    • The ability to customise your farm, with 15 different types of buildings to choose from
    • The ability to customise your character
    • Players can receive various requests from the town’s inhabitants, including making deliveries, searching for items or part-time jobs etc, with the game’s request system
    • Minigames
    • Festivals to participate in
    • The ability to raise a variety of different animals, waiting for you to unlock
    • Grow lots of crops every Season
    • Uncover secrets about the town
    • The presence of mine puzzles waiting to be discovered over at least 20 mine floors

    Upcoming features include:

    • A house customisation system
    • Improvements in character customisation
    • ‘Heart Events’
    • More minigames
    • More mines floors and puzzles
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  • svgJun 19, 2020Indie Highlight

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    STRAY is an upcoming game that combines cyberpunk/cybercities, adventure, mystery-solving, and cats. The developers of STRAY, BlueTwelve Studio, are a small team from the south of France. Supposedly, they are “mostly made of cats and a handful of humans..”. Publishing STRAY is AnnaPurna Interactive, who also published the highly regarded ‘What Remains Of Edith Finch‘.

    The Origins Of STRAY:

    STRAY originally started off as a concept called HK_Project. The premise being that players explored a strange/modern city as a stray cat. The few images and gifs that were floating about the internet became pretty popular and piqued the interest of many. A few years on, after many had forgot about HK_Project due to radio silence, the game made a surprising reappearance. On June the 11th 2020, an official announcement confirmed that the game, now entitled STRAY, will definitely be released. Even more excitingly, the game seems quite close to completion. The cyberpunk aesthetic, and awesome graphics of STRAY can be seen in the awesome trailer below:

    STRAY’s Gameplay & Plot:

    The game’s official website says: “Stray is a third-person cat adventure game set amidst the detailed neon-lit alleys of a decaying cybercity and the murky environments of its seedy underbelly.” As a lost and alone cat, players must “Roam surroundings high and low, defend against unforeseen threats and solve the mysteries of this unwelcoming place inhabited by nothing but unassuming droids and dangerous creatures.”

    With no humans about, it’s clear that their are mysteries to unravel whilst you try to escape this weird cybercity.

    Seeing as you are a feline after all, the game lets you ‘cat’ in some fun and playful ways. With danger present, you must obviously be stealthy and nimble. However, you can be silly and mischeivous whilst exploring the strange world too.

    Whilst exploring, you will befriend a small flying drone, called B12. Between you and your new companion, you attempt to find a way out.

    STRAY’s Platforms, Release date, & Price(s)

    The masterminds behind the game are aiming for a 2021 release. The game will definitely release on PC via Steam, as well as on PlayStation 5. It hasn’t been confirmed whether the game will be backward compatable with consoles such as the PS4. However, as the announcement is very recent, more information regarding gameplay, compatability, pricing, etc, is likely to emerge in the future. So make sure to stay tuned!

    If STRAY piques your interest, why not check out a Street Cat’s Tale here?

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  • svgJun 10, 2020Indie Highlight

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    Garden Story is an upcoming social simulation/adventure RPG where you play as a grape called Concord. The game is in development by Picogram and will be published by Rose City Games and VIZ Media for PC via Steam. Whilst a Spring 2020 release for Garden Story was hoped for, Picogram are still finetuning the game. They have however, released a demo version of the game entitled Garden Story: Autumn Town, which you can play here.


    Players assume the role of Concord, who is a recently appointed village guardian. However, you will definitely be kept on your toes. Whether it be neighbours requiring assistance, or the sudden appearance of a strange rot that has seeped into the foundations of the once thriving island, Concord has his work cut out. Fortunately, he is not alone.

    If you help friends with their problems, they’ll help you with yours. Care for the environment, explore new regions, solve puzzles, make new friends, and ultimately, help restore the grove to its former glory.


    • Whilst restoring a run down island, players are also able to explore and cultivate the islands four regions as ‘Concord the Grape’.
    • By fulfilling residents’ requests, fostering relationships with others, and making friends with fruity people, you may find that these people will help you out in return.
    • Take care of garden plots, gather resources, and ensure to upgrade your tools to allow you to take good care of your home.
    • Whilst solving puzzles and defending yourself against the insidious rot, you may slowly unral the mystery behind the island’s broken past
    • By depositing and cataloguing resources you can create a library featuring the island’s lore.
    • At your own pace, you are able to care for garden plots each day, choose to take a walk in the evening, or you can concentrate on completing favors. The choice is yours!
    • Experience new things and fill your scrapbook with usable perks and traits.

    You can visit the game’s website here. Alternatively, you can check out their Twitter account here.

    May update:

    The people behind Garden Story recently gave an update on how the game is progressing. This is what’s new to Garden Story:

    • Labels have been added to jars so players know what type of dew a jar stores.
    • The in-game map, which shows the name and coordinates of each area, now has a handy Concord pin to show you where they are.
    • The game’s combat has been updated to be more satisfying. The pick art has more detail and the animation ‘packs a little bit more punch’.
    • The request board now has a floating bubble to alert you of new quests. In addition to the request board, there are general indicators above areas of interest as well. This helps players know where to explore if stuck.
    • Whilst harder to show, the team have been hard at work finetuneing the game’s storyline and ‘squashing bugs’.
    • And finally, Garden Story featured in the first ever Wholesome Direct. They described this as “an event that celebrated cozy vibes and kindness”. If you missed the Direct, don’t worry! You can watch the whole video here.

    For regular updates, you can join the Garden Story Discord or follow them on Twitter.

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  • svgMay 12, 2020Indie Highlight

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    Picontier is an upcoming pixel art-stylized miniscape RPG. The game’s 2D art style, alongside its life simulation elements, make it comparable to the likes of Stardew Valley and the original Harvest Moon games.

    Picontier is currently in development by game developers Kan Kikuchi, and indie game dev company SKIPMORE, who are best known for their Fairune and Drancia series titles.

    The game is being published by Flyhigh Works Co., a company established in 2011 that specializes in localizing Japanese, English, and Chinese titles. They have published numerous notorious and successful titles such as Cat Quest, Cat Quest II, Celeste, Subara City, and more.

    It was originally hoped the game would release for a variety of platforms including PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and surprisingly, Nintendo 3DS. However, it will now release solely on PC and the Nintendo Switch eShop.


    Picontier is a slow living miniscape RPG game allowing players to enjoy life on a whimsical island after they are washed ashore. Its life simulation elements include farming, crafting, fishing, and mining. Like Stardew Valley, the game also appeals to the more adventurous of gamers by offering excitement. Players can journey to the game’s dungeons to fight monsters.

    Additionally, the game contains a charming story and a variety of strange island creatures to communicate with. Some examples include a giant blue water beaver and an enormous cow snoozing on a ranch. The game therefore seems to tick all the boxes where depth is concerned.


    • Farming
    • Crafting
    • Fishing
    • Mining
    • Dungeon crawling
    • Fight monsters
    • A charming narrative
    • A variety of interesting and unsual characters to interact with

    The following Switch announcement trailer gives an exciting insight into what to look forward to in Picontier

    There is currently no set release date for Picontier. However the following tweet posted by Picontier’s Twitter account suggests it could be playable as soon as this year.

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  • svgMar 2, 2020Indie Highlight

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    Snacko is an adorable upcoming farming simulation adventure game. The game is currently in development by indie studio bluecurse, which consists of husband and wife, Jordan and Erisa. Snacko has a tentative release date of 2021 for PC via Steam and itch.io, and will hopefully make its way to other consoles shortly after.

    In Snacko, you play as a cat named Momo, who alongside another cat character named Miman, are based on the indie devs own cats. With a variety of features including farming, fishing, decorating, and exploring, the aim of the game is to recruit animal friends and rebuild an abandoned island where cats (naturally) rule the world! 

    The cat-tastic indie game’s devs recently posted an update on Snacko in the form of Devlog 18. New features of the game include an in-game camera to take picture purr-fect photos, the ability to place food as decorations (a fitting feature given the game’s title), and the ability to undertake quests.

    Taking Photos

    Players will now be able to take photos when playing Snacko. The game’s camera sits in your equipment slots and can be used like any other equipment to enter photo mode. The camera has a handy viewfinder which allows you to study the world around you. If you find something or someone new, it will show up as ??? Once you’ve snapped a photo, you can save it to your photo album which is accessible through the journal.

    Placing Food As Decorations

    If you already follow Snacko on Twitter, then the chances are you may have already guessed this. Players will now be able to place food as decorations in the game. The devs have begun adding 3D models to Snacko for all the different foods available. This feature will allow you to make your home more cozy, or “you can just place random loaves of bread around town”. 


    The game’s indie developers have begun to implement quests and the bulletin board to Snacko. Quests are a great way to learn the ropes of farming with the added bonus of simultaneously getting some awards. You may even be able to use the game’s camera feature to snap some pics that meet certain requirements and share them with fellow townsfolk.

    New Building Zones

    Previously, the areas where you could build in Snacko were limited to specific places on the game’s map. Now, however, building areas have opened up to the majority of your farm and the town where there’s flat terrain. This will allow you to do things like line dirt paths with fences and place things along the side of the map.

    Alongside these new features, a few comparison photos were shared showing how the game has developed graphics-wise since last year. To see these pictures and read more about the game’s progress, you can check out the devlog here.

    Snacko is currently in development and is scheduled to release on PC and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021, it’s a little bit to go but perfection can’t be rushed, right?

    More cute pet stuff

    If you love pets as much as I do make sure to take a look at my new robot pet, Snicker!

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