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Sequel to Simulation Game Cattails is on Kickstarter Now

Make Friends, Find Love, and Raise Kittens

Out of all of the adorable games that include cats mentioned here, Cattails has been a favourite among our readers. The small indie team, Falcon Development, is now back with a sequel to the beloved feral feline colony life sim that promises to deliver an even better experience than before!

Cattails: Wildwood Story will take you to the mysterious Wildwoods where you can discover fresh herbs and ancient treasures. You’ll have to not only defend your customizable settlement from dark intruders, but thrive by hunting for food, becoming friends with the residents, and growing the size of your litter! This stand-a-alone title will have new game mechanics, features, and neighbours.

Cattails: Wildwood Story is on Kickstarter Now for Q4 2023 Release

Cattails: Wildwood Story will be releasing on Steam (PC, Mac) in 2023 here, and later in 2024 for the NIntendo Switch. Luckily, this project has already surpassed its Kickstarter goals, however you can follow the link here if you’d still like to contribute and receive rewards!



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