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More Examples Of Attention To Detail In New Horizons

It’s no secret that us Animal Crossing fans have been getting incredibly excited by even the smallest of details and quirks that are to be expected in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is why I recently published an article on some great examples of attention to detail in New Horizons. However, it seems that Nintendo have really pulled out the stops and made the wait for the game truly worthwhile!

Despite the release date being less than a week away, Nintendo are still showing us how truly detailed the game will be. And so here’s even MORE great examples of attention to detail in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

On The Rocks

It’s a well-known fact that you can place most items almost anywhere outdoors on your island. But did you know that you can also place furniture on the large rocks by the beach. Meaning players can experience true paradise and have a drink on the rocks, literally on the rocks.

New Shows Will Play On TV Sets

Previous games have had TV shows (which are essentially rotating slideshows with random sounds, but hey) playing on TV sets. New Horizons will also have this feature with a variety of new slideshows TV shows to watch. Let’s just hope that the bizarre 3:33am alien broadcast from New Leaf doesn’t return.. If you’re interested in the sorts of ‘shows’ watchable in previous games and when they air, you can read more here.


Portable Radio Has An Authentic Sound Quality

At the start of the game, Mr. Nook provides players with a tent. Inside the tent he has also generously provided (his version of) a ‘few essential items’. These items include a camp bed, a lantern, and a portable radio which will play random music for you. Unfortunately, it also has a more authentic sound quality than in previous games and music will sound slightly fuzzy. I say we bring back the dump..

Design Variations In Clothing

In New Horizons there will be variations in items of clothing. For example, the Kids’ Smock has variations in the form of coloured frogs on the smock’s chest. Fun fact: the frog seen on the Kids’ Smock is the same frog you see when composing your town tune. Other clothing items with variations in colour include the superhero suits, stripy shirts, the princess dresses and many more. With these variations, players can now express themselves much more freely. Additionally, with so much choice, you can avoid those awkward moments where you and your friends are dressed identically!

Items Animate More Realistically

In previous games, pushing an item would just sort of shuffle it in the direction that you push it. In New Horizons, however, items will animate much more smoothly and realistically. For example, if you push an item like the pushcart, the wheels on it will rotate as the cart is moved.

A Variety Of Boxes

Maybe not the most exciting example on this list, but it definitely shows attention to detail. A recent Japanese commercial showcases a pile of boxes that vary in both size and style. One of the boxes has a wine glass image on it (which usually indicates breakable contents are inside). Another box has gaps at each end acting as carrying handles. A white box can be seen as opposed to the usual brown boxes. And some of the other boxes have cool details such as logos, text and even parcel tape.

More Animated Animals

It seems that the residents in new Horizons will be busier and more animated in comparison to previous games. So far, animals have been seen eating food like popsicles and doughnut, sweeping the ground, lifting weights, and drinking beverages. Hopefully non-alcoholic beverages.. *Stares suspiciously at the absolute fiend that is Lolly the cat*.

The Privacy Of A Changing Room

In New Horizons there will now be a changing room in the Able Sisters clothing store for privacy. This is a change from previous games where players would do a quick twirl to try something on. It’s a cute little feature for sure, but probably redundant considering players can run around in bath towels..

We Have Sticks, We Have Stones, But We Also Have Acorns And Pinecones:

New Horizons is the first mainline Animal Crossing game to have pine cones and acorns as collectible materials. Although it hasn’t been confirmed how players will collect these items, it can be assumed that they may be obtained by shaking trees. (But beware the bees!).

These Four Walls…

It is true that you were able to place things on your walls in New Leaf. However, New Horizons takes wall decor to the next level (literally). Players can now place shelves at different heights, and adorn the walls of their home with a variety of things. I think the image below does a great job of showing how this feature can make a house into a home.

Facial Hair

Facial hair will make an appearance in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It hasn’t been confirmed whether this will be an element of character customisation, or an accessory/accessories that you can purchase. Even if you have to purchase facial hair, it is still a cool feature (that’s perfect for disguises..).

Changing With The Seasons

It appears that the decor viewable from outside of Timmy and Tommy’s shop will change with seasons and holidays. Two different exteriors of the Nookling’s store have been seen so far.

In the top half of the image below, their store has pumpkins outside, spider web and bat decorations, and a bat garland above the door. The leaves on the trees here are yellow, so maybe the store will look this way at Halloween or during fall.

In the bottom half of the image, the store has a life preserver outside, a lighthouse and seagull decorations in the window, and a nautical garland above the door. As the grass and leaves are green here, this might be how the store looks during summer.

Prettier Patterns

From the various New Horizons trailers and gameplay videos, one thing about patterns has become apparent. When players use their patterns on cushions, furniture fabric, etc, designs look a lot more attractive. Patterns appear to be a lot smoother, aesthetically pleasing and are less pixelated than in previous games.

Wiggly Fish Make The Water Swish

In previous games, players would know where to find fish due to the fish’s shadow swimming through the water. However, New Horizons takes fishing one step further with a new little detail. Now, not only will you see the fish’s shadow, you’ll also see the water around them being displaced as they wiggle.

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