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Monster-Catching Game Temtem is Releasing Soon in Early Access

I’ve been following this creature-collection MMO, created by Crema, for quite some time now. It may seem very similar to the beloved Pokemon series however it does offer some unique differences such as designing your own home interior, and fertility values for breeding and player emotes for online fun! Since I’ve really been enjoying Pokemon Shield’s multiplayer online features, I can’t wait to discover a variety of new monsters in a game completely designed for online!

Become the best Temtem tamer and explore the six islands of the Airborne Archipelago! Thanks to a new announcement trailer, we can do just that very soon as Temtem will be available in Early Access January 21st, 2020 on Steam here and Humble Bundle here. The developers note that the Early Access will contain the following: “50% of the story content, three different islands (each with its own unique biomes), co-op campaign, player customization, breeding, Luma hunting, and a competitive rule-set.”

Don’t worry if you’re not a PC gamer as Crema still has plans to launch Temtem on all major consoles sometime in Q4 2020.



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