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Ikonei Island is a Beautiful Adventure Game

You wake up on a bizarre, unknown island. There, you meet mysterious statues and curious creatures. Bond with the creatures to use their unique abilities to venture deeper into Ikonei Island. Meet the locals, create your own homestead, and uncover the mysteries of the island!

Ikonei Island not only lets you befriend and bond with some fantastic creatures, but gives you freedom to create and play how you wish. You’ll harvest materials around the island using tools and creature abilities. Then, build workshops to create materials. Use those materials to build all kinds of fun decorations to turn the island into your very own paradise. Even create and nurture your very own farm. Use different tools and systems for increased efficiency, and plow the land, plant the seeds, tend the crops, and harvest your bounty!

Get to know the locals of Ikonei Island, each of whom has their own intriguing story. Get to know them and they’ll give you invaluable knowledge about this mysterious island. There’s even a crew of greedy pirates who have taken up residence on the island. They have plans to take over the land and profit from it, but you can’t let them do that. It’s up to you to stop them to keep the peace on the island. 
Ikonei Island is also co-op capable! Gather up to 4 players to play this cute little adventure together. Everything from farming, building, and questing can be done together.

Available Now

Ikonei Island is available now in Early Access on Steam.


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    Ikonei Island is a Beautiful Adventure Game