Nintendo recently started teasing the long anticipated arrival of Gulliver. Today Isabelle once again said ” Ahoy, campers! What’s that I spy on the horizon? Gulliver’s ship is approaching Sunburst Island! The seafaring seabird is sure to drop anchor soon. ” Gulliver is expected to arrive in Pocket Camp on April 10th. Up until now very little information about the reason of his appearance has been known. The datamining community was hard at work to make some sense out of the code. According to the community Gulliver will arrive with a new event in his pocket.

Players will presumably trade crafted furnitures and clothes for treats. Gulliver will hand over 1 or more treats for 10 furniture or clothes items. If you decide to give him good and valuable items, he will of course give you more treats. There are different sort of treats, which seem to be given out at random.

One of the most exciting things is, that if you provide a lot of valuable items in one trip to Gulliver, you will then unlock the Gulliver Villager, and a lot of nice treats as well! Last but not least, treats can also be given to animals for instant friendship points.

Gulliver is expected to arrive on April 10th. Keep in mind that the information above might change with the official release of the event this week.

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