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Good Job! Is a Silly Environmental Puzzle Game

In Good Job! you are the clumsy child of the company’s CEO and you must climb the corporate ladder. To do that, you need to complete different puzzles in multiple ways through experimenting with the interactive environments. Gently wheel a projector through the door, or catapult it through a wall, for example. However you choose to accomplish tasks, you’ll need to work to prove your worth to make it to the top of the company and make dad proud! 

Your duties in Good Job! vary from fixing the office’s internet connection to cleaning up unidentified goo. There’s always the chance to bump into your coworkers or knock over some priceless items while you toil around the office, but don’t worry! What’s important is you getting the job done at all. Completing jobs will get you that much closer to the executive suite. Plus, you can replay levels to complete puzzles faster and with less damages. The office also doesn’t have a strict dress code, so you can collect over 100 different outfits that range from business casual to Viking chic. And if you don’t want to play alone, get a friend to join you so you can split responsibilities between the two of you. 

Ready to make your way to the top of the company? 

Release Date

Good Job! is available now on Nintendo Switch!


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    Good Job! Is a Silly Environmental Puzzle Game