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Gather Ingredients and Brew Potions in Fast-Paced Witchtastic

Embark on a Charming Adventure While Brewing Potions 

Witchtastic is a challenging co-op game perfect for fans of Overcooked and Moving Out. With up to four players, you take on the roles of aspiring witches. Experience a charming adventure while serving up potions in a fast-paced, demanding game. And if you’re not up for co-op, you can play a single player campaign, too!

It is up to you and your friends to gather ingredients and brew potions to serve as fast as you can. The key to success in Witchtastic is quick and precise communication coupled with prompt action. On each level, find ingredients such as deadly nightshade, garlic, or mushrooms and throw them in the boiling cauldron to brew the correct potions. Master dozens of potion recipes all while experiencing different settings and levels. Travel through villages, forests, swamps, cities and snowy ruins. 

Beware of the challenges and trials of each level, though. Sometimes the forests are haunted, the wolves are aggressive, and the swamps deadly. Thwart these dangers to successfully craft your potions. You’ll also get to use your handy broom to fly across the levels of Witchtastic to avoid obstacles. Your trusty companion Owly can provide much needed help and advice, too. Be sure to serve potions as fast as possible so you can collect gems and unlock new outfits and other cosmetics to customize your witch with.  

Available Now 

This fun, frenetic co-op game is available now on Steam. You can also add it to your Wishlist to keep an eye on any updates or sales! 



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    Gather Ingredients and Brew Potions in Fast-Paced Witchtastic