The story of delays continues for Level-5 latest installment in the much beloved Fantasy Life series. The developer is known for games like The Snack World and Fantasy Life. Level-5 recently released the Snack World on Nintendo Switch, and is currently working on improving the overall gameplay structure of Fantasy Life Online. The game has entered a beta test towards the end of last year, and has since seen several delays.

Today Level-5 announced in a statement on Twitter, that Fantasy Life Online would see yet another delay and would be scheduled for release in Summer 2018. The games latest released date was Spring 2018.

A google translation of the latest statement from Level-5 says that “Fantasy Life Online continues to advance the quality of the whole game so that you can enjoy more, and we will change the delivery time again as “Summer 2018″. I am sorry I have interrupted you for a long time. We will announce the detailed delivery time again.”

For some recent Fantasy Life Online Gameplay footage head over here. If you want to check out Level-5 The Snack World on Nintendo Switch, check out the latest trailer here.

There is also the upcoming Re:Legend that takes a lot of inspiration from the Fantasy Life games, if you are looking for a game to tie you over.