Little Dragons Cafe is the latest game from the original Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada. Aksys Games has announced the adorable looking game only a few weeks ago. When Little Dragons Cafe was first revealed, we also learned that there would be a Limited Edition of the game. Up until now Aksys Games was shy about the content of the Limited Edition. The publisher has finally announced what we can expect from it. According to Aksys Games there will be a set of 18 collectible cards, the soundtrack, an adorable dragon baby plush and a stunning looking collectors box, and of course the base game.

– 9″long x 7″high exclusive plush baby dragon
– Set of 18 3×5 collectible character cards
– Soundtrack CD in a collectible sleeve and 17 music tracks from Little Dragons Cafe
– The Base game
– Beautiful Collectible box

Little Dragons cafe Limited Edition

In Little Dragons Cafe you and your twin are given the job to run the cafe after your mother falls asleep and isn’t able to wake up. You eventually meet with an old man and he shows you a dragon egg. Once the egg hatches, it’s up to you to raise the dragon and feed it. The old man seems to think this dragon will help the twins with their mother.

You can check out the debut trailer here. And for some more information on the game check out our full coverage here.

The game is published by Aksys Games and will be released on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 this summer, on August 24th. You can pre-order the standard edition at a discounted price here, and the limited edition right here.