Level-5 is known for games like The Snack World and Fantasy Life. The developer is currently working on brining the Snack World to Nintendo Switch, as well as bringing Fantasy Life Online to iOS and Android. The game has entered a beta test towards the end of last year, and has seen several delays since then.

Level-5 announced that they would yet again delay the release of Fantasy Life Online to ensure quality of the game. According to the press release, the developers want to improve Fantasy Life Online visual presentation, as well as the user interface. If you want to learn more about Fantasy Life Online check out some gameplay from the beta below.

Much like Fantasy Life, the mobile game will feature 12 life paths. Players can advance as they make progress in the game, and master different jobs. Fantasy Life Online will also feature a brand new village, that players can customize.

Fantasy Life Online is now set to release in spring 2018. If you are looking for a game to tie you over check out Level 5’s upcoming The Snack World, which has been released on Nintendo 3DS and is soon coming to Nintendo Switch.

The is also the upcoming Re:Legend that takes a lot of inspiration from the Fantasy Life games.