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Create A Paradise With These Animal Crossing New Horizons Custom Path Designs

These Animal Crossing New Horizons custom path designs will turn any island into a paradise!

No matter if you feel like you have the artist thumb or not, these custom path designs are just a beauty to look at. I can spend hours, if not days in Animal Crossing New Horizons drawing up patterns – but my breath always gets taken away when I see custom designs created by the Animal Crossing community.

No matter if you are currently re-doing your island or simply need some inspiration for a new project, these designs are simply stunning.

If you are looking for some more inspiration, make sure to take a look at these amazing island designs that players from around the world shared! And if you are into fashion, there are plenty of custom clothing designs, from pop-culture and video game character outfits to the most adorable dresses and fashion pieces.

Grab some of these beautiful paths to make your island even more special!


Brick Path

Dark cobblestone path

Pink dreamy path

Dirt road path

Light Cobblestone path

Dirt path

Grass path

Sparkle stone path

Rainbow Path

Brick path

Flower path

Sand path

Blue flower path

Winter path

Dark soil path

Mushroom path

Rock path

Dark flower path

Cobblestone path


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