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Little Witch In The Woods New Trailer

The developers of Little Witch in the Woods have released a new trailer for their game.

The most adorable life sim game where you get to play as a little witch living in the woods has yet another super cute trailer. Ellie, the little witch, has to learn everything she can about witchcraft to become the best possible witch she can be. The new trailer gives a closer look at what to expect from this upcoming epic indie game.

Little witch in the woods trailer

The trailer not only shows what the upcoming game will look like, but also gives a sneak peak at some details that we weren’t privy to yet. The end of the trailer shows a small snippet where Ellie is interacting with a cat. Then the same cat is shown chilling by the house at the end of the video. So it looks like we will all get our own kitty companion in the game. I’d call that the perfect addition to any witchery game!

Not only that, but the developers have now confirmed that the game will be releasing in 2021. We knew the date wasn’t too close, but at least now we know for sure that the game will be ready next year. Still no word on whether or not it will come to Switch. When I asked the developers, they stated only that the game will come to Switch if all goes well. Fingers crossed on that front.

Little Witch in the Woods New Trailer

For more information on Little Witch in the Woods, you can check out my interview with the developers. To stay up to date on the development of the game, be sure to follow Sunny Side Up (the developers) on Twitter.


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    Little Witch In The Woods New Trailer