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Boyfriend Dungeon: A Shack-and Slash Coming to the Switch

A particular dating sim/dungeon-crawler has caught the attention of gamers everywhere for its unique and questionable premise. Although, if you’re a fan of Anime, you’re probably not fazed in the slightest. During Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase yesterday (December 10th, 2019), the very same indie game by Kitfox Games (Mondo Museum) was announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020! Behold, a game where you can literally fall in love with your weapons; Boyfriend Dungeon!

If you haven’t heard, Boyfriend Dungeon is all about choosing weapons to fight monsters with and then taking them out on dates to level up. Don’t worry, each weapon (total of 7) can transform into humanoids, and there’s one cat in case this wasn’t delightfully weird enough, all with various genders. Think Dream Daddy but the romantic partners aren’t daddies, they’re ‘stabbies’.

Your character is tasked with clearing the creatures in “the dunj” as their summer job and, during your down-time, why not take your weapons out for a stroll on the beach for a job well done and to get to know them better. As the developers like to put it: “A couple that slays together, stays together”. Below are the choices of heart-throbs, or rather heart-piercing, candidates!

Now hopefully we can all still look at our inanimate objects the same way again. Wonder if anyone thinks potatoes are cute? For more information on this “shack-and-slash” and to Wishlist it on Steam, go here!



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