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The Survivalists: Tame Monkeys With Friends and Survive the Island Together

svgDec 10, 2019NewsJoelle

Thanks to Nintendo’s live-stream today of Indie World Showcase, we got to see some pretty exciting indie games coming in 2020. My favorite announcement was a new survival game set in the Escapists Universe: The Survivalists, created by Team17. You can play alone or in co-op with up to three friends and explore, build, and craft together! Survive the island, a procedurally generated sandbox world, on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam in 2020.​

The best part about The Survivalists is that you can tame monkeys and have them help you with building or fighting off enemies! Managing these adorable monkey employees working for bananas properly will make all the difference in braving the wilderness! Also, look at the little monkeys with their little spears and coconuts. Look at ’em!

About The Survivalists

The island is alive! Your newfound home will change with day/night cycles as you explore and uncover its secrets. Hunt (or be hunted by!) animals for food and meet the local inhabitants, who aren’t necessarily pleased to see you. Get quests from a Mysterious Stranger or find them washed up on the shore. Prepare to trek into a procedurally generated wilderness, with a variety of biomes, for an adventure that’s unique to every player.

Build Together, Survive Together

Finding the perils of island life too much or just looking to share your building expertise with friends? The Survivalists has you covered! Complete joint adventures, gain loot, trade and ultimately survive together and as you and up to three fellow castaways explore an island paradise.


Monkey See, Monkey Do

If you’re in need of a builder, a lumberjack or even a soldier, the monkeys on the island can be tamed and trained to help you with everyday tasks or back you up on raids to a fanatic camp! The Mimic System means a wide variety of functions can be performed by your banana loving friends, with monkey management becoming key to surviving the island’s challenges.

Get Crafty

The secret to survival is to make the most of the resources around you. Whether that’s piecing together a primitive axe to chop wood or mixing up a refreshing fruit smoothie to keep the hunger at bay, you can discover recipes and expand your options across food, item or structure crafting trees.

Run the Gauntlet

Looking for an epic sword to hang on your hut wall or want to lay waste to encroaching hostiles? What you seek could be in one of the many temples scattered around the island. However, getting your hands on the loot won’t be easy so any would-be raiders will need to prepare for their treasure hunting crusade.

Wishlist The Survivalists on Steam right here!


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    The Survivalists: Tame Monkeys With Friends and Survive the Island Together