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Become a Sloth in Slothtopia

Slothtopia is a charming family-friendly life simulator where you play as a sloth! Start by customizing your very own character. You’re in control of the colors, hair, gender (with a pronoun write-in available), name, and more! Customization options don’t stop there, though. You can dress your sloth, as well as beautify the island and your home by placing decorative items around town or in your house. Create the perfect place for you.

You’ll farm, fish, build relationships, and even catch monsters in Slothtopia. Natural resources are abundant, and the sea is where you’ll find fish and adventure. Grab your trusty boat and spend the day on beautiful ocean waters fishing up tuna to serve for dinner, or feed the island’s monsters. You can even fish the island’s lakes! The villagers rely on farming to survive, too. Sow your fields, plant seeds, water the plants, and harvest your crops.

As for the monster’s, the island of Slothtopia has a bunch of them. Don’t worry, they’re friendly and more like service animals once you tame them. You’ll need to feed them fish to keep them happy, but you can also pet and train them. Training them will level up your relationship and its abilities. Once they’re trained, you can send your monsters on tasks to catch fish, farm, or even romance that special someone.

Speaking of romances, Slothtopia has many friendly villagers that are your friends and family. They’ll assign many of the tasks you’ll complete, as well as help you with completing them. They’re powered by intelligent AI to give you immersive and dynamic conversations. Spend time getting to know them, level up your friendships, and even start a romantic relationship!


Coming Soon

This adorable game will be available in 2024 on Steam! You can add it to your Wishlist now to keep up with it.


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    Become a Sloth in Slothtopia