There are plenty of strange things in the Animal Crossing franchise if you stop and think about it. It’s true that some elements of the game are more strange than others, and many are mostly likely unintentional due to the wholesome nature of the game. But Nintendo definitely has a sense of humor, so who really knows?

From predators and prey cohabiting peacefully (for the most part) to the respawning of buried fossils, here are some of the strangest and quirkiest things from the franchise that range from disconcerting to rather hilarious.

You’re the only human in a town full of animals.

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You can shoot down UFO’s, flying presents, and poor Pete with a slingshot.

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You can store 17 large items such as sharks, statues, beds and dressers in your pocket, but sending a fish in a letter is outrageous.

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You can shake trees to sometimes obtain bells and furniture. However, you can also obtain angry hives of bees that WILL sting you

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Items such as bird & hamster cages exist, small yellow birds can be seen by the bulletin board, and players are able to catch frogs. Yet there are bird, hamster and frog villagers also? ????

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Blathers, the museum’s curator is an owl palaeontologist who is fond of fossils, and has a bizarre phobia of bugs

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Blather’s younger and more defensive sister, Celeste, works in the museum’s observatory and has a keen interest in astronomy.

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Your clothes are designed, made and sold by hedgehog sisters.

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The local cafe is run by a pigeon barista who takes coffee extremely seriously.

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Quitting without saving means dealing with a pickaxe-wielding mole with anger issues.

K.K. Slider/DJ KK is the only character who is often seen not wearing clothes.

Animals with no opposable thumbs can somehow utilise tools and write letters.

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