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All Mermaid & Pirate Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons And How To Get Them

With the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update comes a variety of new features and characters. However, the update also introduces two new themed sets into the game. The first is the Mermaid set (which resembles the Mermaid set in New Leaf), and the second is the Pirate set. Both consisting of various items of clothing and furniture, here are all of the Mermaid and Pirate items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and how to get them.

The Mermaid Set

About Pascal & His ‘Porpoise’ In New Horizons 😆🚪🚶‍♀️

Pascal is a philosophical nomadic otter who first appeared in Animal Crossing: Wild World. In previous games, Pascal would usually trade pirate-themed furniture for the scallops that he ‘otterly’ loves. However, as mentioned below, Pirate-themed furniture is now obtained from a different visiting NPC. Pascal is notorious for his laid-back demeanour, and parting words of ‘wisdom’.

How To Get Mermaid-Themed Items

Pascal may appear when players find scallops whilst diving for deep sea creatures. Scallops can be found at any time of day, and all throughout the year.

To dive (and swim), the Nooklings give this little tutorial when you buy your first wet suit from them.


Pascal didn’t show up for me personally upon finding my first scallop, but he did the day afterwards. If you discover a scallop, there is a chance that he will pop up in the water nearby and offer you a trade. If you give him the scallop, he will give you a mermaid-themed DIY recipe or clothing in return. Likely busy contemplating the meaning of life someplace else, Pascal won’t appear more than once a day.

Every Item In The Mermaid Set (And The Crafting Materials Required For The DIY Recipe Items)

The Pirate Set

About Pirate Gulliver

Gullivarrr is a special seagull NPC who will occassionally wash up on your island once you have completed the recent (ver. 1.3.0.) update, and also have purchased a wet suit. Gullivarrr wears pirate attire and highly resembles the seagull NPC Gulliver. Whilst Gulliver wears a sailor costume instead, many people thought that Gullivarrr was Gulliver in a pirate costume. This initial theory was supported by both gulls washing up on your beaches, both needing help getting missing communicator parts, and both giving your player a reward for doing so.

However, dataminer Ninji, who correctly predicted the museum expansion, return of Redd, and the ability for players to swim/dive, has said that the two seagulls are separate characters. With Gullivarrr having a different temperament and different speech to Gulliver, this does seem to be true. Additionally, as well as the differing attire, Gullivarrr has blue x-shaped pupils and dark circles around his eyes which Gulliver doesn’t.

How To Get Pirate Items

Like Gulliver, Gullivarrr will ask for your help in communicating with his crewmates. However, instead of digging up five communicator parts from beach areas, you will instead need a wet suit to go diving for just one communicator part. If you find the part and return it to Gullivarrr, he will mail you a random pirate-themed item in the mail the next day. Whether a good thing or a bad thing, you won’t receive the same item twice.

Every Item In The Pirate-Themed Set

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