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Wave Break To Be A Stadia Timed Exclusive

The cool and cute “skateboating” game, Wave Break, will release first on Stadia, then later for consoles.

For those that missed it, Wave Break is pretty much that Tony Hawk remake that we’ve all been waiting for. Except, trade the popular skateboarders for carnivoran mammals, and the skateboards for shreddy little boats.

With tons of recognizable tricks, and an array of different modes and other goodies, Wave Break is set to be one eSports title you won’t want to miss.

Wave Break Release

The developers of Wave Break, Funktronik Labs, released announced that their game will be a timed exclusive on Google’s new game streaming platform, Stadia. No official date has been given yet, just that the game will release this summer.

Wave Break Stadia Trailer

For more information on Wave Break, you can check out their Steam page, or follow the game on Twitter. For more great games with bears, check out my coverage of Astro Bears!



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