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Wave Break: Extreme Boating With Bears

Wave Break is a colorful eSports title with some totally tubular teddies.

Inspired by such games as the Tony Hawk series, Wave Break is a next level water sports game that looks pretty extraordinary. You get to play as some adorable yet ferocious bears that ride on some awesome, tricked out jet skis.

The idea of the game is to trick as much as possible while proceeding through the levels. The game looks have very similar gameplay as the Tony Hawk games, for those of you that are familiar. I, personally, am a die hard fan of those games, and can’t wait to see how this game compares.

Wave Break

We will see many of the classic tricks, i.e. major grindage, bodacious grabs, some sick manuals. I can already tell that I’m not going to be satisfied until I have insane scores in every level. Teddy bears doing a darkslide….please and thank you!!

There will be a few different game modes to check out, including a death match for all you crazies out there. I’m more excited about going head to head with friends in some gnarly trick competitions. We can also expect to some cool customizations, to give the game a more personal feel.

Wave Break
Make it your own style!

The game also looks to have a healthy focus on comedy. Which makes sense, cuz bears with guns and all that. Even their Steam blurb had me cracking up (don’t forget to wishlist while you’re there)!

Wave Break
Aloha Shirts!!!!

The game will feature online multiplayer, so playing with friends is def happening. The game being developed Funktronic Labs (follow them on Twitter!!!), and is set to be released sometime next year.

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