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Tiny Garden Pals – Animal Crossing Themed Garden Kits Are Back!

Tiny Garden Pals are Animal Crossing style garden kits, and are a great way to grow your own little bit of peace. 

Tiny Garden Pals pack everything you need to start growing your very own and very tiny garden. Pefect for your desk, shelf or any other place that lacks a bit of Animal Crossing love.

The gardening kit comes with one soil bag featuring no other villager than Leif. In addition to the soil bag you are also getting a growing instruction card, a bag with seeds and of course a planter featuring some of the most beloved characters. All of these items comes beautiful packaged in it’s own little box.

With the included and easy to follow step-by-step growing and caring card it does not matter if you have a green thumb or not. You can choose one of three seed kinds for your personal gardening kit. Japanese Succulent Seeds, Bermuda grass Seeds or (New!) Cosmos Flower Seeds ( yes, just like the Cosmos Flowers you can grow in Animal Crossing New Horizons! ).

If you can’t wait to start gardening you can grab your very own Tiny Garden Pals gardening kit right here!

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