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The Smurfs – New Video Game In The Works

Microids is teaming up with Osome Games and IMPS to give The Smurfs an all new video game!

Big news for all you old school cartoon aficionados out there. The Smurfs are returning to consoles in an all new adventure. Not that this is their first foray into the gaming universe, as the cartoon has spawned many different games on most of the major platforms over the years.

Not much has been released about the new game in the works. The new title will be published by Microids (publishers of Garfield Kart) and developed by Osome Studios, makers of White Night. A statement about the game was made by Elliot Grassiano, Vice President of Microids,

“We are delighted for concluding this new partnership with IMPS!” Microids vice president Elliot Grassiano said in a press release. “Thanks to this trans-generational license and the talent of OSome Studio, a long time Microids partner studio which worked on several family games, we are confident in bringing together all gamers in the wonderful world of the Smurfs. The worldwide success met by The Smurfs will also allow us to increase our brand awareness overseas and position Microids as a major player internationally.”

Given the popularity of the cartoons, and the many games that have spawned in their namesake, this comes as not surprising but still most welcomed news indeed. The Smurfs have been a household name in wholesomeness for quite some time, and appears to desire to remain that way in this new generation.

More info.

For more information about the upcoming game, you can check out the official Microids website. You can also follow the publishers on Twitter for up to date information.

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