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Take A Trip Through 90s China In Road to Guangdong

Road to Guangdong is a story based game where you go on a road trip through the China set in the 1990s.

Publisher Excalibur Games and developer Just Add Oil Games announced today that Road to Guangdong is finally heading to Nintendo Switch. In this enticing and story driven game, a family emergency reunites a young art student named Sunny with her elderly aunt Guy Ma. This marks the beginning of a relaxing and heartfelt road trip.

Road to Guangdong will put you in the driver seat of an emotional ride where you meet colorful cast of characters that you can get to know on your lengthy road trip. Even though the game is all about getting to know the many people you meet on your trip you will also need to make sure that your car is filled with gas, your tires aren’t worn out and your oil levels are healthy or you will need to stop at the mechanic.

Join Sunny and Guu Ma on a road trip

Take a look at the trailer to get a glimpse of what awaits when the game launches this summer.

Road to Guangdong release date

Road to Guangdong will be launching on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in August, 2020.

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