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ReadySet Heroes – Dungeon-Crawling as Adorable Animals

Yesterday on March 25th, 2019, Playstation had a 30-minutes presentation of upcoming games. State of Play will now be the first of many short videos with new announcements and gameplay footage, much like the Nintendo Direct is for Nintendo. We at myPotatoGames picked out one game in particular that we thought you might like and that’s ReadySet Heroes coming out for the PS4 this year.

ReadySet Heroes’ gameplay has a unique spin on the typical dungeon-crawling or arena battling type of games. This game is a race through dungeons, while avoiding traps and slaying monsters. You will be competing against another team doing the same thing and trying to finish first. In the dungeons you can also collect loot for better armor, weapons and spells.

You can play with 4 other players either online or locally (split-screen). If you choose to play locally, you can either play on the same team with your friends or you can compete against them!

The cute avatars you get to choose from with customization options.

If you want more information and media on this game, go here, or follow the developers, Robot Entertainment, on their website here. Watch the video in this article for the full Sate of Play presentation by Playstation.



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