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Pixelshire Farming And Life Sim – Tribute To Old School Harvest Moon

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Pixelshire is an adventure, farming and life simulation game that is a reminder how Harvest Moon shaped the genre. 

Indie farming and life simulation games have flooded the gaming market with many adorable titles that provide hundreds of hours of fun. Pixelshire takes a slightly different approach to the farming and life sim genre by taking inspiration from Harvest Moon and introducing some new features as well.

At the heart, Pixelshire offers everything you come to expect from games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. You find yourself in a little town with a starter tent much like Animal Crossing New Horizons. The town is inhabited by many villagers that all feature unique personalities.

As you find your way around town you can choose to interact with the town folks, you will eventually make friends or… frenemies? If socializing is not a priority on your mind, you may want to spend your day by the lake and cast your fishing rod to hopefully become an expert fisherman. 

Resourcing is also a big part of the game, mine, cut trees and plant crops to grow your favorite vegetables and fruits – then turn in your harvest for a juicy profit. In addition you can also care for various animals and raise livestock right on your very own farm.


Terraforming in Pixelshire

One of the features that differentiate Pixelshire from old school Harvest Moon games is the ability to actually change the landscape of your town much like in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you don’t like the view of the hill next to your home, you can simply get rid of it, looking to add a little river – you are free to do so! If you have played New Horizons you will know the value and excitement terraforming tools have to offer.

Pixelshire Release Date

Pixelshire is an indie game currently in development by Kappa Bits who you should follow on Twitter to learn more about the development of the game – make sure to let her know how excited you are to see Pixelshire… hopefully also on Switch one day! For now we have an adorable trailer and the option to wishlist the game on Steam here.

Shepherd’s Crossing

For more farming fun with a focus on raising animals take a look at Japanese exclusive game, Shepherd’s Crossing for Switch now also getting an English translation!


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    Pixelshire Farming And Life Sim – Tribute To Old School Harvest Moon