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Parkasaurus Update: Pumpkin Patch

In Parkasaurus you’re in charge of an amusement park, and the attraction is dinosaurs! Design and construct exhibits to keep your dinosaurs and guests happy in this management/tycoon game created by WashBear Studio. To learn more about the basics of the game, you can check out my previous article here. Parkasaurus is currently on Steam Early Access here and it just received an update worth checking out for this Halloween. Below you’ll find all of the new items that have been added, which can only be bought from the in-game stores at night!

Ghouly Guests

Check out the Gem Store at night to buy your own Scary Pumpkin to invite an entire new crowd; Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts. Here’s the thing, Zombies love balloons, and Ghosts love dinosaur gazing. Who knew? All you need to do is purchase a Pumpkin from the Gem Store at night.

Pumpkin Toy

Smashing pumpkins in real life is such a mess, how about you let your dinos smash for you? Toy balls are out, pumpkin tossing is in.

Halloween Hats

We all know the true meaning of Halloween is dressing up in scary, hilarious, and weird costumes. Your dinosaurs want in on the fun – so check out the range of Halloween hats you can find in the Hat Store at night. Let your dino best friends pretend to be a witch, or maybe a space-dino.


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