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An Ooblets Update – From Merch to Money belts

Ooblets is an upcoming Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Pokémon  inspired game. Your character, which looks similar to one that might have walked out of a Sims game, gets to fish, grow and train Ooblets and befriend villagers, plus more in this cute and colourful indie game. It is expected to be released for PC through Steam at some point in 2018. You can see some of the gameplay footage here.


The developers have recently posted a small series of updates in regards to how the game is coming along.

Merch store

The developers have set up an Ooblets merchandise store for patrons which sells an Ooblets poster, Ooblets T shirts and Ooblets pins.

Furniture store name

Rebecca, the game’s creator, has come to a decision on a name for the in-store furniture name (‘TYSOOT’ which stands for Things You Sit On and Other Stuff).

The little things

Small things are being implemented such as: player energy; placeable fences and paths; new crops, buildings and Ooblets; and a new accessory (a money belt).

Crafting and Quests

New crafting machines (such as the cupcake press), quests, and Ooblet quests are also a thing.

Other additions and changes

The devs have created a Police Station/Sheriff’s office, introduced windows to buildings, created more NPC’s for Nullwhere, created an interior for the café, plus made some changes to the clothing shop.

From the images shown in the latest update, it looks like Ooblets is going to be cuter than ever! c:


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