Brand New Ooblets Gameplay Footage Released


Ooblets has been in development for some time now. Rebecca, developer behind the game is taking inspirations from beloved game franchises such as Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Pokemon and more. Ooblets is an adorable take on these games, with a lot of unique content.  Some brand new Ooblets footage has surfaced, to help overcome the wait until the games release.

Rebeccas latest update to her fans shows of some new features. If you want to learn more about Ooblets we recommend to check out our exclusive interview with Rebecca right here. As you can see below, the house customizations are being worked on, and show some improvements over the previous version as well. Characters as well as homes are fully customizable in Ooblets, and will give the player the freedom to create their own customized world and surroundings.

The new Ooblets Gameplay footage shows of Badgetown which is the main city in the game. Here you will be able to find shops, NPCs and more. Ooblets releases on console and PC in 2018. Check back for more information on the game in the near future.


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