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Ollie-Oop: A Dog On A Skateboard

svgOct 10, 2019NewsRiver

Ollie-Oop is an adorable indie game in the works about the cutest dog that can shred the gnar.


Dogs doing just about anything is enough to get my attention. A dog on a skateboard is the most charming and exciting thing I’ve heard in a while. Ollie-Oop already looks to be one of the most delightful skateboarding games ever made.

In Ollie-Oop, you play as a little doggie named Ollie. It is a 3D platform game, so expect a fun environment mixed with lots of things to interact with. You are on a grand adventure to find your missing friend, Reggie. You must explore the vast world around you, and talk to all the other doggo’s around. All while skateboarding and tricking to your hearts content.


While you are on your journey of discovery, you get to do many exciting and whimsical things. Not only can you focus on tricking on everything around you, but also on just being a dog. You will get to do all kinds of cool dog stuff, like chasing other dogs, scaring birds, collecting bones and much more.


  • Intricate 3D environments, custom tailored for fun exploration, rad jumps, and maximum shenanigans
  • Lots of adorable dogs to talk to. Don’t worry, they don’t bite! (some are kinda grumpy though)
  • Original music by Robert Frost III (Joggernauts, Pinbrawl)
  • Collectibles!!
  • Unlockable HATS
  • Races
  • Boss Battles

Ollie-Oop has a set release date of 2020. For more information on this game, you can check out the official website. You can also wishlist the game on Steam! And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter. For more awesome tricked out action, be sure to check out Wave Break!

River Chandler

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    Ollie-Oop: A Dog On A Skateboard