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Nook’s Cranny From Animal Crossing New Horizons Might See A LEGO Release

After a huge movement from the Animal Crossing community, LEGO is currently reviewing the possibility of a Nook’s Cranny LEGO set.

Brands are currently all over Animal Crossing New Horizons. With the popularity not slowing down and the wholesome being Animal Crossing is, it makes the perfect place for brands to showcase their latest products in our favorite village simulation game.

The Animal Crossing community made a pledge to LEGO to turn Nook’s Cranny into a cute building block set. After it received the support of more than 10.000 fans it finally landed on the desk of official decision makers at LEGO. This means the company is currently reviewing the possibility to make Nook’s Cranny an actual purchasable product!

Nook’s Cranny would be my first LEGO set since childhood

The first model of Nook’s Cranny shows the little shop in all its glory and even the interior has been modeled after our favorite little store! Take a peak at the imagination below.

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