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Mythic Ocean – Befriend the Gods & Create a New World

This wonderful adventure under the sea about building relationships and making choices that will change the fate of all of creation was created by indie developer Paralune. The game will be releasing late 2019 for PC and you can wishlist it on Steam right here. A couple of months ago the creators announced the following on Twitter: “we just want to say how excited we are that the writing is now finished for every quest in the game…” Therefore, there isn’t too much longer to wait!

About Mythic Ocean

What would you do if you were friends with the gods, and your influence on them could change the cosmos? Mythic Ocean is an atmospheric and charming adventure where you’ll befriend a pantheon of gods under the sea, help solve their problems, and make choices that shape the birth of a new world. Explore all the outcomes. Which god will rise above? What kind of world will they create? You decide – choose wisely.

Every deity can grow, learn, and change their personalities based on your choices and what you teach them. You can always play through the game again and see all of the different outcomes for all of your choices. With so many charming characters to meet, underwater exploration to do, and endings to discover, we are very excited to keep an eye out on this one!

Key Features

  • Narrative Exploration – through deep conversations with gods, your choices influence the fate of the universe
  • Diverse, peaceful underwater environments
  • Meet tons of goofy, charming creatures
  • No death, no combat, no failure. The challenge is influencing the gods to get the result you want – outcomes range between harmony and pandemonium
  • There’s a break-dancing crab

We’re not sure about you guys, but we here at myPotatoGames are definitely down with bonding with break-dancing crabs. For more information, you can go to their official website here. If you love exploring the sea and islands, you can check out our update on Stranded Sails.



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  1. It sound really cool. Too bad PC gaming isn’t an option for me. Maybe if it does really well they’ll think about putting it on console…or maybe friends will play this and tell me what it’s like 🙂

    1. I personally like playing on consoles more myself but I’ve learned to love the PC because I couldn’t wait for the console releases! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a Switch version!

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