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Minecraft Goes To Infinity And Beyond

svgJun 25, 2019NewsRiver

Minecraft gets Toy Story DLC to celebrate the new installment in the Toy Story movie series.

For those of you that live under a rock and haven’t heard, Toy Story 4 has arrived in the theatre. Since way back in the day, Buzz and Woody have been entertaining us on the big screen, and across basically all gaming platforms. The arrival of the new movie is sure to spawn some video game lookalikes before we know it. But first, Minecraft got their hands on the rights to create some awesome DLC right away.

Minecraft is once again bringing our favorite toys to life with their new Toy Story Mash-Up DLC. It appears that you will get the chance to explore some pretty cool new zones, one of which looks a whole lot like Andy’s room. It also looks like you will get to visit Al’s Toy Barn, as well as the gas station from the first movie. You will get to play as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, Jessie and much more. It is mentioned that this DLC will include features from all of the Toy Story movies.

Al’s Toy Barn?

For more information, and to get your hands on this DLC, hop on over to the Minecraft Marketplace by clicking here. For more awesome Minecraft madness, check out our coverage of the Minecraft AR game by clicking here.

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    Minecraft Goes To Infinity And Beyond