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  • svgAug 6, 2019News

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    Sayri Adventure is developed by Vidloonnya Reborn, a game development company located mainly in Ukraine. This game is about meeting new friends on another planet and using their unique abilities to help you find a new home. The creators, a team of 6 people, say they were specifically “inspired by masterpieces such as Journey, ABZU, Ico, and Fe”. Thus, they created this beautiful world to explore. Sayri Adventure will be releasing in 2019 for consoles and PC.

    Due to disastrous events, Sayri and the other inhabitants of its planet must escape and leave their home-world using ships built by their ancestors. Sayri’s capsule has now landed on an unknown planet, left alone and lost without any family. Nevertheless, Sayri survived and not without hope!

    Sayri landing on an unknown planet

    Sayri is a cute alien with telepathic abilities which allows you to physically affect the environment. Interact with friendly NPC characters, all with different behaviors and personalities. As a result, you get to embark on an emotional experience by forming relationships with these creatures. Bring up to four companions with you at a time and use their combined skills to solve puzzles.

    Sayri and companions

    Key Features

    • Friendship and cooperation
    • Adventure and exploration in a magical vibrant immersive world
    • Relaxing gameplay without violence
    • Puzzle-solving with unique obstacles
    • A heart-warming and emotional story

    Learn more about this visually-stunning game on the official website here. For another heartfelt game about friendship and love, check out our article about Ghost Giant here.

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  • svgAug 3, 2019News

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    In our last article here on this life simulation game about owning your own sushi restaurant and getting to know your customers, created by indie studio Catch & Release, we had mentioned that the crafting mechanics were getting an overhaul. Now when you make your sushi, the flavor, richness, and complexity will change when you switch ingredients. With the most recent Patreon post, Matthew Taylor goes into details with the revamped Customer I.D. card and the “Mood” section.

    Customer I.D. Card

    As stated, “All of these changes are in an effort to make furniture, food, and customer interactions (both with you the player and with other customers and the environment) as meaningful and interesting as possible.” See below for everything that will affect your customers’ moods and expectations when visiting your sushi restaurant. We’re also loving the wicked name of this wizard character if you catch our drift.


    Has the customer been standing for a long time waiting for a seat? You’ll see their comfort level fall steadily. Look for some comfy furniture when you’re shopping in town. Customers will be thankful!


    Although the act of expressing yourself through customizing the restaurant’s interior is already fun, knowing that your customers appreciate the carefully crafted ambiance is a big plus.


    In Rolling Hills, you serve a wide variety of customers. That includes children (and playful adults) who value having fun and being entertained. The most obvious examples here are music coming through a jukebox or a pinball machine in your waiting area, but even chatting with customers and serving extravagant dishes can make things more fun for your clientele.


    Saved the best for last! Managing a customer’s hunger is your #1 priority in Rolling Hills. Richer dishes will fill this bar even faster, so keep this in mind when crafting your next masterpiece!


    This combines all of the previous stats, weighing food a little more heavily than the rest (it is a restaurant, after all) so that you can see at-a-glance how your customer is feeling. 

    Appetite and Budget

    They are similar in that they determine how much a customer can consume. When a customer has a full belly or an empty wallet, it’s time for the check!


    These are kind of like the customer’s difficulty level. The reason we display each subcategory is because different customers expect different things. The Caveman character won’t be too concerned about the ambiance of the restaurant, but he’ll have high expectations when it comes to food. After all, he’s used to the freshest ingredients possible!

    The developer has noted that there is an “Info” and “More” screen where the former is a summary screen with all the things you’ll want quick access to, and the latter is a secret for now which you’ll unlock as you level up the customer. We’re definitely looking forward to trying this game out on either Steam or through the PlayStation Store whenever it releases!

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  • svgJul 24, 2019News

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    Since our last article on Critter Cove, which was the interview we had with Gentleman Rat including all three members behind the indie studio, there has been a lot more development to the game! You can get the full details from their blog post right here or get the highlights below. We’d like to thank Gentleman Rat for giving myPotatoGames a shout-out on their website and can’t wait for their playable demo to be ready! We’d absolutely love to be a captain of our own ship and go treasure hunting, salvaging shipwrecks, and exploring with the most adorable crew members!

    The Main Island

    The main island of Critter Cove is the first location that the player will see when starting the game. Therefore, the developers wanted to make sure that it would immediately catch our attention and give us the urge to explore. You can see below that the vast and varied layout is perfect for long-term building of homes and shops, which is a large part of what we are looking forward to at myPotatoGames. This central location is the perfect balance of mountains and lush greenery with large empty spaces for customization. Moreover, the more you build-up this port, the more bustling it will become with more friendly NPCs!

    Swimming with the Fishes

    In Critter Cove you’ll be spending quite a bit of time on your ship and sailing to new locations such as other islands. You’ll also be diving underwater to explore the depths below. The developers mentioned in their interview with myPotatoGames that the player character will have the chance to stay underwater longer with the help of equipment like re-breathers and diving suits so it should be quite the experience! The sea has many resources and treasure so the creators have made sure the environments down there are fun and interesting. Their blog goes on to say: ” The world of Critter Cove is built on top of the sunken ruins of the old world, so expect to find sunken ships, buildings, monuments, cars, planes, and much more. “

    Character Customization

    All the characters in Critter Cove have very unique looks and personalities so the developers decided to give us the option to not only be humans but to be critters as well! We now also have the option to mix and match various body parts, to choose new patterns, and to alter colors. This will be a highly creative experience with more plans to include fantasy style characters such as griffons and dragons. Want a human body with a blue fox’s head? Well you can do just that! On that note, players will be able to customize and change the colors of their clothing which can even be gifted to your animal friends.

    You can continue to follow Critter Cove’s progress via Twitter here or join the Discord channel here. You can also stay tuned with us here at myPotatoGames as we look forward to more content for this grand adventure on the high-seas!

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  • svgJul 11, 2019News

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    Rolling Hills is a sushi simulation game where you own a restaurant, meet new characters, and form friendships. The game is created by indie developer Catch & Release who have done a complete overhaul of the previously mentioned “mini-game” players had to complete to make their sushi. Although many things have been changed or added, as explained in detail in their June Devlog, there has also been some work done on the conveyor belt we here at myPotatoGames where excited to learn more about.

    “What felt like a big change a month ago now seems like small potatoes! When I talk to people about Rolling Hills, they normally say what excites them most is the prospect of being creative with their sushi making.”

    Matthew Taylor

    Conveyor Belt Sushi

    Instead of someone coming in and telling you exactly what sushi roll they’d like to order, you’ll get to be more creative and find out what kind of ingredients they either love or hate. If you make a dish with that in mind and place it on your conveyor belt, customers will consider all dishes as they pass them by. Therefore, not all customers will be terribly picky unless they make a specific special request which you can either accept or refuse.

    New Cooking and Crafting Gameplay

    The old way of making your sushi was to play a timed mini-game and then place the dish in your menu. As long as the dish was in your menu, you didn’t have to replay the mini-game. This was to give you the feeling of physically making your sushi by chopping/rolling. However, the developers say it lacked creativity that the fans ultimately wanted.

    Now, as you are crafting your sushi and you add or take away ingredients, you can actually see the results of that change in your dish. You can even add condiments that change the dish in a variety of fun ways. This is definitely what was more exciting about Little Dragons Café in our opinion; changing the ingredients around.

    If you mess up adding a dish to the menu, you can recall it from your conveyor belt! Phew, it won’t go to waste!

    Customer I.D. Cards

    Customers no longer shout out their order so now there’s an I.D. card that displays when you interact with them. It shows their name, some stats that are still subject to change, and their ingredient preferences. The blacked out ones are ingredients they haven’t been served yet. It’s up to you to experiment and see what they like!

    Rolling Hills is still in early development and does not yet have a release date but will be coming to Steam and the PlayStation Store. If you’re wondering what else is happening with other amazing indie games on our radar, check out Snacko, Alchemy Story, Ooblets, & Button City Indie Updates.

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  • svgJun 25, 2019News

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    This wonderful adventure under the sea about building relationships and making choices that will change the fate of all of creation was created by indie developer Paralune. The game will be releasing late 2019 for PC and you can wishlist it on Steam right here. A couple of months ago the creators announced the following on Twitter: “we just want to say how excited we are that the writing is now finished for every quest in the game…” Therefore, there isn’t too much longer to wait!

    About Mythic Ocean

    What would you do if you were friends with the gods, and your influence on them could change the cosmos? Mythic Ocean is an atmospheric and charming adventure where you’ll befriend a pantheon of gods under the sea, help solve their problems, and make choices that shape the birth of a new world. Explore all the outcomes. Which god will rise above? What kind of world will they create? You decide – choose wisely.

    Every deity can grow, learn, and change their personalities based on your choices and what you teach them. You can always play through the game again and see all of the different outcomes for all of your choices. With so many charming characters to meet, underwater exploration to do, and endings to discover, we are very excited to keep an eye out on this one!

    Key Features

    • Narrative Exploration – through deep conversations with gods, your choices influence the fate of the universe
    • Diverse, peaceful underwater environments
    • Meet tons of goofy, charming creatures
    • No death, no combat, no failure. The challenge is influencing the gods to get the result you want – outcomes range between harmony and pandemonium
    • There’s a break-dancing crab

    We’re not sure about you guys, but we here at myPotatoGames are definitely down with bonding with break-dancing crabs. For more information, you can go to their official website here. If you love exploring the sea and islands, you can check out our update on Stranded Sails.

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