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My Time At Portia – Console Release Date & Info Announced!

My Time At Portia console release date has been announced for April 16th! The game will be available for digital download and physical copy for Playstation 4, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch. All versions will run for $29.99 except the Nintendo Switch physical copy which will be sold for $39.99.

Along with the announcement of the release date, the devs ran an hour long stream of the game to answer questions on March 20th. Below are all of the questions and answers that they were able to get through and there is plenty of great information so let’s dive right in!

Will there be more clothes and dresses?

There are no plans for additional clothes, however, if you pre-order the console version, you’ll receive the “House Warming Gift Set” that includes an exclusive pre-order outfit.

My Time at portia pre order bonus

What are the differences between PC and Console version?

As of launch, there will be no difference between PC and console version. However, there will be an update in the near future that’ll have additional content for console.

Which languages are supported?

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese

Is there a platinum trophy on PS4?

There will be trophy support but no word as to what kind of trophies they will be.

Will Steam owners of the game get the House Warming gift?

They are hoping to offer it to PC owners but don’t have any further information at this time.

Is there going to be a Mac version?

Yes! The dev team is currently working on a mac version and very recently they were working on the final optimization. More information should be released soon.

Will there be multiplayer in the future?

There are no plans for multiplayer for My Time in Portia as it was developed to be an immersive single player game.

How are the loading times?

Loading times is something the team has been working on optimizing and they’re looking to optimize them even further so it gives everyone a smooth gameplay experience.

Will there be demos on the console?

This is something that they’re looking into at the moment so there won’t be one for a little while but the team is talking about getting a demo for PS4, XBox 1, and Switch.

What is the digital file size on Switch?

“Roughly 2gb”

Will there be console updates at the same time as PC?

If there’s new content planned, yes. However, there is a console update to be released 2-3 weeks after launch but none for PC at this time.

What will the resolutions be?

XBox and PS4 will 1080p, Switch when docked will be 900p, and handheld Switch is 720p.

My Time at portia console

This is all very exciting news for the game and we are looking forward to playing it on consoles on April 16th. For more information on My Time At Portia and other games, stay tuned to myPotatoGames. Happy Gaming!

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