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Little Dragon Cafe Limited Edition Giveaway

myPotatoGames has been a big fan of Little Dragon Cafe since its release. I mean, what’s not to love! From the creator of Harvest Moon, Yasuhiro Wada, Little Dragon Cafe is everything you’d expect from this creator, plus the ability to raise your very own dragon.

In case you missed it, you can certainly get all the information you need about this wonderfully evocative title right here at myPotatoGames! We fully enjoyed this most-excellent game, and would love to share that joy with one of our followers! So if you have either a PS4 or a Nintendo Switch, join us on this adventure to possibly claim your copy!

How To Win…

Fairly simply, actually. Somewhere on the site, we were able to lose track of three dragons. These dragons didn’t seem to be particularly crafty, so finding them shouldn’t pose much of a challenge. I imagine it might even be as simple as looking at a few recent posts, given the lackadaisical manner of these specific fire drakes.

If memory serves, the dragons where turquoise, purple and orange of color. If you find them, please let us know by commenting, on the giveaway post in one of the social media platforms (Facebook post, Twitter post or in the comments below this post), the locations (the title of the post where you find it) of said dragons. We appreciate your assistance in this matter! We will choose one lucky helper to be rewarded with the Limited Edition of Little Dragon Cafe!


A Cut Above the Rest!

If you do not consider yourself the average potato, there is a way that you could increase your odds at winning this adorable prize. If you are registered to the site, simply earn 25+ Tater Tots to have your name thrown in the hat a second time. Never hurts to up your odds!

Be sure to act fast, as all submissions must be entered by April 3rd, lest ye fall by the wayside… The winner will be selected at random from all participants. We love all of our followers, and are always excited to share goodies when presented with the opportunity.

Little Dragon Cafe Gameplay Trailer

If you aren’t into taking chances, and would like your own Special Edition copy of Little Dragon Cafe regardless of these results, you can click here for PS4, and here for Nintendo Switch.


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  1. Good luck, everyone! I have yet to play this game but it looks so adorable and I kept an eye on it from the beginning. Looks like a good one! Especially if it’s “Free”! 😉

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