During today’s Nintendo Direct at E3 2019 in Los Angeles, Nintendo revealed some new features for the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3 coming to Nintendo Switch this year.

Luigi is invited to a luxurious hotel with Mario, Peach, and the others. But of course, not long after Luigi arrives, things take a dark turn for the gang. The other guests turn out to be ghosts and they are rather aggressive! Luigi has to save everyone and face every challenge thrown at him. There are many floors to this hotel with each one having uniquely themed designs, ghosts, and puzzles. For example, the floors range from a medieval castle to a museum/production studio!

Luigi now has a new Poltergust G-00 to take care of these enemies with some new capabilities. These capabilities are: Slam (slam the ghost to the ground), Suction Shot (attach the plunger to stuff and pull – effective against ghosts with shields), and Burst (a powerful air-pressure release to get rid of multiple ghosts at once). It should be pretty satisfying to gain experience t unlock these new abilities.


The game will receive a cooperative mode which includes the best invention from the lab yet; a green blob that is Gooigi. You can alternate between the two to use both their skills. Gooigi can slip through metal fences and walk through spikes. However, Gooigi and water do not mix so stay away from those bathrooms. You can also pass the joy-con to a friend so you can both play at the same time in the main story; one is regular Luigi, the other as Gooigi.

Another new feature is the ScareScraper which offers offline and online play for up to 8 players. Catch all ghosts before the timer runs out or find lost Toads throughout many procedurally generated floors.

The game did not get a specific release date but is still scheduled to come out later this year. Stay tuned with us here or follow us on Twitter for more Nintendo and E3 2019 updates all week long. See below for some gameplay video with Nintendo Treehouse.

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