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Go-Go Town is As Adorable As I’d Hoped

I recently wrote about Go-Go Town here, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting its release since discovering it. It’s absolutely adorable with its sweet-looking character designs and delightful building designs. Couple that with the town revitalization and management, it looks to be the perfect cozy game.

And it is!

I’ve had a chance to playtest Go-Go Town, much to my delight. Not all features are available in this playtest. It’s more like a limited demo, but what is in the playtest has me hooked already. You’re dropped into this run-down town as the new mayor, and taught a few things on how to play, then it’s up to you to restore this beautiful little place. 

You run around, or hop on a bike, or even drive a little pickup truck, collecting materials needed to build new buildings. Eventually you can unlock tools to make rebuilding in Go-Go Town even easier. Chainsaws for cutting wood, drills for collecting stones, and crab pots for passive fishing will help free up your time so you can build new homes, fun shops and restaurants, and attract even more residents faster. And as you get residents to move in, you can assign them to different jobs to make production even easier. Go-Go Town even has a farm plot where you’ll grow crops, care for animals, and use all the items you harvest there to stock your shops with fresh, homegrown ingredients. 


I have loved the cuteness of the game, as well as the coziness of it. It’s been fun rebuilding a whole town how I want it. I can’t wait to see what more comes to this game, too!

You can find Go-Go Town on Steam, where you can Wishlist it to keep an eye out. Unfortunately, there is no release date at this time.

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    Go-Go Town is As Adorable As I’d Hoped