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Garden Galaxy: A Worthwhile Cozy Idle Game

Are you looking for a cozy idle game that doesn’t involve leveling up fighters to defeat bosses and enemies? Garden Galaxy might be perfect for you, then! This relaxing little game is a unique sandbox idler where you take time to craft your ideal landscape. 

You start with a blank canvas of a few white tiles, and a mysterious looking pot. Every few seconds in Garden Galaxy you’ll have a cute little flame-like visitor pop-up for a visit. Click them to earn a coin. Then, feed the coin into the mysterious pot to earn a reward! The pot will spit out cute decorations like lanterns and planters, helpful piggy banks, and terrain tiles. Rearrange the terrain tiles and decorations as you please to create a beautiful garden space. You’ll even be able to change the background color and the time of day to achieve the perfect aesthetic.

Take a moment to embark on a chill and creative journey with this pretty little idle game!

Available Now

You can find Garden Galaxy on Steam now! There’s also a demo available so you can try out the game first.


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    Garden Galaxy: A Worthwhile Cozy Idle Game