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February Nintendo Direct Might Be Immininent

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There has been a lot of rumor and hype around an upcoming Nintendo Direct since the last full fledged Nintendo Direct is now more than 150 days ago.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is Nintendos next big game release and with the game merely one month away the big N does not have a lot of time left to make a big splash around the village simulator.

February Nintendo Direct

The last Nintendo Direct took place on September 4th that is more than 150 days ago, the longest gap between Nintendo Directs in the history of Directs!

Nintendo held a Pokemon Direct in early January which revealed a lot of new Pokemon goodies such as Pokemon Home and the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC.


However, Nintendo fans are wondering what other games the company has in store for 2020 there have been rumors around Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 and more. Of course Animal Crossing fans are eagerly waiting for some more information about New Horizons!

Nintendo Direct Playlist Updated

Nintendo Direct

Whenever a new Nintendo Direct is about to happen some things on Nintendos YouTube Channel as well as their official website get an update.

That is exactly what happened today February 13th – the big N updated their YouTube Nintendo Direct Playlist. Last time this happened, a new Direct was announced only a few days later. This has been a steady pattern for multiple Directs in the past.

The questions isn’t IF Nintendo will announce a new Direct the question is only when this announcement will happen. A February Direct is still very likely since we are only halfway through the month.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a new Nintendo Direct or perhaps an Animal Crossing Direct in the very near future!

Every Bit of New Horizons Gameplay footage!

To make the waiting game easier, take a look at every piece of Animal Crossing New Horizons gameplay footage released so far!

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town English Translation Well Underway

While waiting for Animal Crossing and a possible new Nintendo Direct, check out the latest on the Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Western Release!


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    February Nintendo Direct Might Be Immininent