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Dwarrows: A Peaceful Town-Building Adventure Coming Soon to Steam

After a successful Kickstarter over a year ago, Dwarrows now has a new trailer and can be Wishlisted on Steam (for PC, Mac, and Linux) with an expected release date of Q1 2020! There isn’t any news on the Xbox One version as of now but at least we’ll be able to get our hands on the game very soon!

Dwarrows, developed by Canadian indie studio Lithic Entertainment Inc., is a peaceful 3rd-person adventure and town-building game. Gather, build, puzzle, explore, and quest in a beautifully handcrafted world!

Since I spoke of Dwarrows last, the developers note that there have been many major improvements and updates which include new pets and pet abilities (yes you can befriend them), new character quests, new dungeons, and more!

Dwarrows Official Trailer

If you’re interested in town-building games like this one, check out my article here: Foundation: A New Kind of City-Building Simulation Game.



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