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Donkey Kong Country And More Now On Nintendo Switch

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Three new games are being added to Nintendo Switch Online’s NES & SNES library.

Nintendo’s online service never ceases to amaze. There are just so many bonuses involved with the service that I never would have expected. Having access to their classic games library on Switch is definitely one of the sweeter perks. Since the feature launched, almost 100 classic favorite titles from NES and SNES have been added to the list. And all you need a Nintendo online subscription to access them.

Nintendo has just added three more games to the list; Donkey Kong Country, Natsume Championship Wrestling and The Immortal. All three great games now available to play for free on the Nintendo Switch with NSO subscription.

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country on Switch!!!

For those that truly know their classics, the big news here is the release of Donkey Kong Country for the Nintendo Switch. Not to say that the other two games aren’t gems worthy of this fine console. It’s just that DKC has a home in the hearts of many gamers as being that original challenging title that sparked the interest of mastering all 2D side scrolling platformers in existence.

Hopefully the release of the original, and the warm reception from gamers everywhere, will be incentive enough to get Nintendo to release the Next two Donkey Kong Country games as well. There is no doubt in my mind that the release of DKC on Switch will bring some new gamers to the console that may never have tried it otherwise.


Nintendo also released a short video showcasing the games being added to the list, for all those unfamiliar with any of these “new” titles.

Showcase Video

More info

For more information about these games and other games on the NES and SNES, visit the official Nintendo website.

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    Donkey Kong Country And More Now On Nintendo Switch