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Djungarian Story – Adorable Hamster Game Announced For Switch

Djungarian Story will release in Japan on March 20th, and will include English language options!

Pet care simulation games are the epitome of cute and relaxing. You get all the good and none of the bad that comes with owning your own pet, or even a slew of Wonderfull creatures. Well, Success Corp. has just announced that they will be bringing an all new pet care experience to the Nintendo Switch, and it’s all about Hamsters.

In Djungarian Story, you get to own and even breed your own adorable little hamsters. You can also visit the local shop to purchase different unique and cute items with which you may decorate your tiny rodents cage. You will be able to pet, play with, clean and care for your new little friend, all while meeting new friends along the way.

Success also announced that there will be a limited print physical edition that comes with loads of goodies like a pink bear plushie, a sticker pack and some adorable paper craft of your hamsters home. For more information about Djungarian Story, you can check out the official website here.

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