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With still 23 days left to go on the campaign, Ayo has already reached his first goal!

Ayo The Clown is the cutest 2.5D side-scrolling platform game that we’ve ever seen, and we at myPotatoGames are absolutely dying to play it. For those of you that have not heard, Ayo is an absolutely adorable little clown on a huge quest to find his lost pupper, Bo. With his super squeaky hammer to pave the way, Ayo will experience many hectic moments and bop many baddies to reach his missing companion. It is tough to put into words just how cute the game is, especially once you see how the charming and bubbly graphics mesh so well with the whimsical characters and intricate levels.

Ayo the Clown
The flowers seem so serene while they spectate some shenanigans.

Ayo is almost there and needs our help as he pushes past his first goal, and looks to the future of some pretty cool unlocks down the line. Ayo has truly stepped up his game as he reaches out to his community to help expand the world in which he lives. Ayo has seen such a loving reception on Kickstarter, and has already completed his first goal after only a week. With so many great things in store for all those who support this wonderful project, one would not want to miss the opportunity to be a real part in this journey of “courage, love, friendship and the amazing things that happen when you never give up”.

Ayo the Clown
Sometimes Balloon travel is the best way to go!

For so much more information on the game, as well as the opportunity help Ayo become the best he can be, hop over to Kickstarter now! You can also follow CloudM1, the developers, on all social media platforms, as well as sign up for the newsletter on their official website.

Ayo The Clown Kickstarter Trailer!

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