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Ayo The Clown – Now On Kickstarter

svgAug 3, 2019NewsRiver

Just a clown who’s lost his doggo…

Adorable graphics and lovely characters pave the path in this marvelous side-scrolling plat-former by Cloud M1. With a level design reminiscent of Mario and Donkey Kong, Ayo the Clown is on an adorable and in-depth adventure to save save his lost dog, Bo.

With a rich story and some awesome RPG elements, like earned skills and an ever-growing health bar (kinda like Legend of Zelda), Ayo the Clown looks to be bubbly and cheerful addition the classic platform genre.

A clown on a mission.

Akin to the Legend of Zelda, you begin the game with no skills, and accumulate them over time. Alongside many uber-helpful abilities, we will see such classic actions as jumping, sliding, climbing and stomping, all with a touch of whimsy.

The unique and varied stages keep the heavy humor fresh, with many hilarious obstacles to heed progress along the way! However, even the haughtiest hilarious hindrances can’t halt a hovering helicopter, or a torrential tank! With plenty of ponderous puzzles and kooky characters to pave the path, Ayo the Clown takes platform games to whole new level!


For more information about Ayo the Clown, you can follow Cloud M1 on Facebook and Twitter, as well as check out their dev page. Ayo the Clown is still in development, and is now on Kickstarter!! There has never been a better time to check out the most charming platform game we’ve seen in ages!

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