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Great Examples Of Attention To Detail In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Many Animal Crossing fans were inevitably disappointed last year when it was announced that Animal Crossing: New Horizons would be delayed. However, the recent New Horizons Nintendo Direct (which you can watch here) proved that the game is totally going to be worth the wait. With exciting new features such as terrain customisation and the introduction of an airport, as well as new animals, Nintendo have clearly been working hard. However, it’s the level of detail in the game that is truly impressive. Here are some examples.

Shiny Hair

Being the first mainline Animal Crossing game with HD visuals has allowed for a lot of aesthetically pleasing elements. One of these is how nice and shiny certain hairstyles look.

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Hair Obeys The Laws of Physics

The recent Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct really highlighted this new feature. Hair will behave a lot more realistically than in previous games. Examples include bobbing ponytails, swaying braids and the movement of bangs with certain hairstyles.

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Clothing Has Physics

Like hair, clothing in New Horizons will also obey the laws of physics. Examples include dresses blowing in the wind, and as shown below, the dress moving when the player twirls.


Shoe Soles

The larger variety of shoes to choose from in the game is great in itself. However, shoes now look a lot more realistic and you can even see patterns on the soles of the shoes.


Some fans were alarmed upon first seeing that players would have detailed kneecaps, (especially considering that they still have balls for hands…). Nonetheless, whether you love them or hate them, you can’t argue that they show attention to detail.


As well as having a variety of face shapes, noses and mouths to choose from, depending on the eye type chosen, your player can now have pupils. This new feature could prove great for glaring at Tom Nook when he slaps you with that itemized bill.

Items Look Wet When It Is Raining

Another visual upgrade to look forward to in New Horizons is that items will look wet when it rains. This is yet another feature that will make the game more realistic and that little bit extra special.

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Raindrops Create Ripples In Water

Another rain-related feature that shows attention to detail is how rain affects water. When it is raining, raindrops will leave ripples in both rivers and the sea.

Cherry Blossom Petals Float On Water In Spring

During cherry blossom season in the spring, you will be able to see cherry blossom petals floating in the air and landing in the water. This is definitely one of the most beautiful details in the game.

Leaves Float Around In Fall

In fall, players will be able to see autumnal coloured leaves floating through the air. This small feature alongside the cherry blossom petals in spring, shows just how much effort has gone into making each season special.

Windy Weather

During windy days on your island, the leaves on the trees will shake and you will hear them rustling. Weeds and flowers will also sway in the wind. As hair now seems to obey the laws of gravity, it’s quite possible that the wind will affect your hair too.

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Flowers And Weeds Now Grow in Stages

It’s pretty neat that players can collect just the buds of flowers whilst leaving the main plant in tact. The introduction of different types of weeds is also a nice feature, making gameplay more realistic. But did you know that they both now grow in stages? Additionally, you are now able to collect weeds and can even sell them.

Detailed Shadows & Improved Lighting

Another nice perk of the game’s HD visuals, as well as improved graphics techniques is detailed shadows and better outdoor lighting. Items, trees, characters and even clouds can have their own distinct shadow(s). These shadows will also change depending on the time of day and the weather.

The lighting in New Horizons is significantly better than in previous games. Objects in the game are much better lit, light reflects more realistically on water, and the general ambience is simply awesome.

Curtains And Blinds

Curtains and blinds did first appear in Happy Home Designer, however they will be returning in New Horizons also, as can be seen in Fuschia’s home below.

Curtains Can Be Seen Open or Closed From Outside

A pretty cool little feature in New Horizons will be the ability to see whether curtains are open or closed from the outside.

Paths Can Go Right Up To Your Door

In previous games in the franchise, there would always be that one tile outside of your front door where you were unable to place a pattern. In New Horizons, this is no longer an issue. Additionally, players can now create paths that curve, something that also wasn’t possible in previous games.

Phone Cases For Your NookPhone

In the various different trailers and Nintendo Directs that have been released, different cases can be seen on NookPhones. This suggests that players will be able to choose different cases for their NookPhone.

Animals Can Carry More Than Just Tools

Although animals were able to carry various tools in previous games. Various trailers and gameplay footage shows that they will now be able to carry other items also. So far, they’ve been seen carrying resources, books and popsicles.

Toe Beans

A cute little feature appearing in New Horizons is that animals will now have toe beans, or foot pads.

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