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ARMS Battle Modes

Nintendo had a direct today specifically about ARMS. They announced tons of new characters and gave a look at the various battle modes that are within the game. ARMS is currently on sale and can be pre-ordered for the Nintendo Switch right here. Nintendo introduced several new ARMS Battle Modes as well.


You can find out how to download the ARMS Testpunch on Nintendo Switch for free right here.

Versus (Player versus Player)

Bombs and Healing items drop in this mode.

It is 1v1.

Team Fight

Allies are tied together so that they can stay near the same end of the field.

However, allies can be blown up at the same time.

Allies can hit each other and deal damage.


You knockout the opponent and put them through a basketball hoop.

You can get a 2 point shot or 3 point shot.

Skill Shot

In this mode, you smash and punch targets.

The more targets you hit, the higher the score.

If you hit more targets at the same time, you get a combo score for that punch.

1 on 100

You challenge AI in this mode.

Defeat 100 enemies in a row, one at a time.

ARMS Test & Training

In Test Mode, players can try out randomized ARMS combinations.

Training lets players practice a number of varied drills.

Multiplayer (play with friends locally or online)
Grand Prix

Win 10 straight matches in Grand Prix and a final opponent to be crowned ARMS champion.

This can be single player or played locally with a friend.

Party Match

By connecting the Switch to the internet, players can play with up to three other ARMS players at a time and are put in the same Lobby.

10 systems can be in a lobby but each system can be two players.

A lobby can potentially have 20 players.

Ranked Match

Players compete 1 versus 1 to go up in ranks.

If you lose a match, you go down and vice versa for winning.

Local Wireless Mode

Up to eight players with eight separate systems int eh same room can gather in an in-game lobby.

You can battle up to 3 players at a time like in Party Match.

It seems Nintendo has made ARMS to be a game with a lot of replayability and a lot of different ways to play. From what we see from the Direct, Multiplayer is going to be huge.

Source: Nintendo PR and Direct

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